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I’m not trying to avoid paying taxes nor was my question related to it, but the fact that eBay, and I’m sure others to follow, want to have access to your bank account and SSN is a head-scratcher. Why not leave it as its been with Paypal and the new changes will still be effective? Knowing they’ve been hacked already in the past doesn’t make me feel so confident going forward as this will definitely make it more of a target for hackers.

Can anyone tell me how to check my total sales this year on eBay? I get the 90 days but can’t find my ytd.

It’s in Seller Hub → Performance → Sales

In the “Sales” box, select “This year” and click on “Generate Report”


I tried to block villajorge just now and ebay tells me user is invalid and doesn’t exist. Probably gone to make a new account now

@SpicyWasabi so… I refunded him the money a while ago. It went out of my account to him. However eBay still has an additional amount on hold until he confirms he received the refund. He isn’t active any more. eBay will not release the funds as of Friday.

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Luckily I already had an LLC with a federal EIN set up, but it is a bit disconcerting. @agentpoyo is right that they need that info if they are reporting your sales, but they could have avoided that by sticking with PayPal and having the taxable event remain in that system. My eBay selling has gone down to functionally zero. I haven’t started up Mercari or anything, but that’s the next step.


Thanks for the info on accessing my YTD sales. It was more than I thought it was and surpasses my YTD at my real job.


This is not a headache (well, it kind of is, since I’m not totally sure I’ve figured it out), but I need some help. I don’t ship my eBay stuff internationally as a general rule, but I had someone ask if I would ship to Canada. I am certainly willing to ship to Canada, and I’ve sorted out that USPS international first class package is an appropriate way to do this. But, (1) it has delivery confirmation, but does it track… even if only to the border? (2) I assume there will be import tax/duties on this (it’s ~$200), so where in the process is that assessed? (3) is there a better way to do this?

I let eBay sort it out using their international shipping program. You just enable it in your shipping policy.

However, through the website I have to handle it myself. Shopify assists but basically you have to make sure the commercial invoice is affixed to the package on the outside with the correct information should customs need to access it.

I do not handle any duties, that is up to the importer to receive them and pay.


Being in Canada, and having received many packages from the US, you are right. Send it USPS first class with tracking, and Canada Post will assume the tracking. The stuff I send out works in reverse.

As for customs, the only thing you need to do is declare the value.


If you print your shipping label at home you will have a customs form to fill out which is really just the shipping info, the contents and the value. Same thing if you take it into the post office

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Thanks, friends! This was helpful. I wrote back to say I’d be happy to ship, and detailed the conditions that will be operative when I switch the shipping in the listing.

One of @agentpoyo buckets @Anthony sent?!


I won this case! Took awhile, but the log between the buyer and myself showed that I was trying to be helpful, and the buyer was just a jackass. Ebay told him to return the item, and I guess he finally realized he wasn’t getting a free code, and closed the case. Another one for the good guys!


I swear, I don’t know where I am finding these people. Just had a guy claim ‘impact damage’ to his comic…and in the picture the only ‘impact’ he is showing is the normal, small tears on the corners of the comic books (SORRY I DIDN’T SEND YOU A 9.8, but I only had 2 copies). Lets see how this one plays out…


People that only want 9.8 raws are the type you should block. Hate people like that.


Sorry! I forgot to add their handle: mylo74m … Hope its not one of you guys! :rofl:

Not me. But Im blocking the guy. Thanks

mylo74m… name’s Mylo, he’s 74 and is Male perhaps?

Added user to our eBay Seller/Buyer Avoid List we got going.

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