El Muerto Movie

So wierd…

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Character has TWO comic appearances…and is getting a movie ??



terrible decisions and Sony being stupid? its more likely than you think

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About 55,000 print run on this. I know the whole supply/demand thing. But I saw that $250 price and assumed a much smaller print run or a newsstand copy. Will be interesting to see pricing on this in a few weeks.

If this minor a character can get a Sony movie maybe other quirky characters can. If only Sony could do Shiver Man. Underrated Marvel character for sure.

And they wonder why except for Spider-Man their comic movies suck. Venom and Morbius were hot steaming piles of shit. I’m expecting another serving with this new movie.

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So the story is that Sony told Bad Bunny to pick a character. He searched through different Spider-Man characters and landed on El Muerto because he’s a pro wrestler (Bad Bunny loves pro wrestling and even had a decent match at Wrestlemania).

So it’s no so much that Sony picked the character, but Bad Bunny just happened to pick a Latin pro wrestler.

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You all know its like 90% of the shit they think of, write scripts for and even sometimes film the entire movie or show all gets shelved right? Never to be seen again…

I found 7 copies last night ones been cancelled so far thanks to the bs eBay listing

There’s hope for Next Miles…

2nd one cancelled, it’s so hard to buy comics these days.

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I get way (way way way) more cancellations on Mercari than eBay. With Mercari, I expect my “good deals” to be cancelled more often than not. It’s fine. Whatever.

You know what it is on mercari people will message the seller after you get a smoking deal and offer to pay more. Had this happen on a ASM #129 I bought for $25 just last week. I made 7 orders for this friendly neighborhood #6 all places I’ve used before with no problems but amazingly they are all starting to have problems shipping this particular book :joy:. At least I know one copy has shipped so far.

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This feels like another a moon Knight fists of Khonshu #2.

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Get that money while you can!

Am I the only one who wants to call the guy El Barto?



jesus F*&K…this is actually getting made…

You know, just because the World is so crazy I bet this will actually be good.