Eternals hype should start up again soon

When Marvel launches the new Eternals comic this November it will have a whopping 40 covers according to CBR

This news isn’t exactly new. It’s been around for a little while but it got me thinking. Marvel hasn’t even started to Hype the Eternals yet. Just minor rumblings. Hearing that they will launch the new comic series with so many covers just reinforces to me that they are going to push this franchise hard.

Over the past two and a half years I have been big on the bronze age run of the Eternals. The past six months or so I have noticed prices for the first 19 issues plus the annual from Kirby’s run standing still and if anything moving up only slightly on the main keys and in some cases selling for a reduced price. That’s usually how it goes when waiting for a film or franchise to finally hit. Pretty much the calm before the storm.

I don’t think that lull will last much longer. Marvel is going to show off their new powerhouse franchise very soon. It is just a matter of time before an official tailor hits and information on where the next phase of the MCU is headed.

I haven’t come across anything official on how many film there will be but I can’t imagine that the Eternals is a one and done film. I doubt it will flop or just do mediocre either. The cast is too big with a lot of heavy hitters and the whole cosmic aspect will need time and many films to fully pan out no matter what the main story and threat are.The Eternals are hear for the long haul.

I have said this before but time to buy into the bronze age keys at good prices, especially in mid grade is closing. If you didn’t get in early and are thinking about buying any of the first 19 issues do it soon. Once the movie hits and all that cosmic goodness comes to fruition odds are today’s prices will probably seem like a good deal. Never any guarantees of course but we’ve all seen how the market reacts to popular movies and their once dollar bin (cheap) first appearances. Guardians of the Galaxy is still the best example of this.

I don’t know if buying now will give massive profit but their is still room to grow with these books as far as making some money down the road goes. Definitely buy now (or very soon) for the personal collection if you haven’t done so and have wanted to.


40 Eternals covers lmao I feel sad for the forest they have to cut down to print a book no one will buy. Are there even 40 Eternals books in Marvel to date? They going to have to use Donny Cates, make 5 movies, make 1st appearance in every issue, show the Batwang, make all the covers glow in the dark for anyone to pick up an Eternals series. But the Bronze Age stuff should see a better return soon.

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No kidding! I was shaking my head at that number but someone will buy them. Seems Marvel has a lot of faith in these guys moving forward. Makes me think there is a chance the bronze age books haven’t even started to show their potential. I wish they would just show the trailer already.

I’ve got a good amount of Eternals one of the first to get to buying after the original information came out. I don’t have 10 copies of #1 in 9.8 like some people here but I have a good amount of #1-#12. But definitely need to see a trailer before I even attempt to sell any of it or see what I missing and need to buy.

Don’t be ridiculous, Alana.

Marvel doesn’t have the rights to the Batawang.


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I have the complete set of the original in NM so standing pat right now.

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I settle for a Deadpool batwing lol

Same…I was able to press a few to 9.6 but could never get that 9.8. That mostly black cover is tough!

Eternals reboot now $4.99

Already tell it’s Poyo’s Drek of the week pick

For the amount of covers… yes. As for potential decent read and interior artwork… not so much. I love Ribic and since he’s doing the interiors, I’ll be picking up this new series.


Yeah, unless there are some first appearances in the comic that will eventually make it to the big screen this launch has buy one cover only written all over it. I’m going to take a look at all of them and pick the cover I like best and if it a high price variant I’ll just go with cover A (A Poyo must). Why pay a big price for a new ratio variant when you can get a higher/high grade Bronze age #1 or #2? At this point for Eternals investment I would only go with the Bronze age run or the Canadian price variants of the 80’s mini series and only the ratio variants from the 2006 and 2008 series. I would invest in those over the new stuff.

Agreed. I have my Bronze Age complete set and the 80’s mini series complete set locked away for now. If the new series has new characters and takes the story in a new direction, then I may add more than the 1 reader copy.

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I comics start breaking the $4.99 barrier I believe I’m going to be cutting back significantly…


No kidding… Getting crazy!

Yep. Cutting back for me has already started.

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This is why I love the Marvel Unlimited app… it’s like what… $70 a year and most new issues hit the app within 4-6 months after release. I’m behind on reading so I’ve cut back on some titles coming out of Marvel and just wait for them to hit the app with a few issues to check out and read, if I don’t like, I move on to next one. I could easily spend $70 each week on Marvel books alone… so there’s my overall savings… :slight_smile:

It’s definitely great for just the reader titles you want to read and not pick up to flip or think will be worth money down the line…

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I love collecting and having physical copies but I do like reading sometimes as well. That app is starting to sound like a good idea more and more. At least for the series I don’t collect.

When you have all the movies and tv there’s still nothing on when you have every comic ever made at your fingertips it’s a spec tool and doesn’t increase your reading in my experience.

When you order a 1:10 of Eternals 1 only because Ribic is awesome, knowing the book is worthless because there will be a gazillion of them, and after FOC you discover this is the cover art: