Eternals Movie Villain leaked

Due to Covid and release date pushbacks Eternals isn’t coming out anytime soon. But looks like Marvel forgot to pushback some of their Marvel Legends toys coming out, giving us a glimpse of the coming villain the Deviant Kro. Kro first appears in Eternals #1 so probably don’t have to run out and buy anything.



Good catch and thanks for sharing! There are a LOT of Deviants introduced throughout not only the Bronze age Eternals run but all of them…I’m sure there are a few more that will make their way to the big screen that are still in cheap books. May still be a chance to make small profits if/when news is released on other that will show up. If other Deviants are included as larger supporting villains and not just mostly background it could possibly make a $5 book into a $15 dollar book. Those do add up. Anyway, keep them eyes pealed!

They are really making the Deviants look VERY deviant! I like the look of Kro. If the movie isn’t too Hollywood preachy it could very be good! Still have the fingers crossed.

Post credit scene leaked…

Can’t say I am all that surprised.

The rumor has been out there for over a year…

1970s work for hire or not, I hope Disney makes things right for Jim Starlin.

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Yeah rumors of Eros showing up have definitely been around but if all this is accurate he should be a good fit into the MCU. Just another reason for Iron Man vol 1 #55 to spike again.


Is he acknowledged as a brother of Thanos in this? So, Thanos is an Eternal?

Thanos’ paternal grandfather is Kronos, the former leader of the Eternals on Earth. This does make Thanos an Eternal as well; although his physical mutations mark him as a Deviant. Regardless, the Eternals family line started by Kronos and his wife, Daina. Their union produced two sons: A’Lars and Zuras. Within their lifetimes, Kronos was the Eternals’ unquestioned ruler after defeating his brother, Uranos. Following that victory, a lab accident claimed Kronos’ physical body and he became a god-like being. So Thanos can claim a link to Kronos’ divinity, even if he wasn’t a god when Thanos or his father were sired.

Speaking of Thanos’ dad, A’Lars decided that Earth was simply too small for him. He moved to Titan and met Sui-San, the last survivor of the Eternals who followed Uranos into space. Together, A’Lars and Sui-San used science to repopulate Titan, while he took on the mantle of Mentor. Their first natural son, Eros, was born perfectly normal for an Eternal. But Thanos was stricken with Deviant syndrome from birth, and it drove his mother insane. Sui-San had planned to call her second son Dione, but she named him Thanos when she first held him in her arms and tried to murder him.
It’s worth noting that Thanos is also a distant cousin of the Eternals living on Earth. That means Ikaris, Sersi, Ajax, Thena, Sprite, Druig, and more can all claim familial relations with Thanos. But why would they want to? Thanos is clearly the black sheep of this extended family.


Heard the movie was really really long boring and bad also really pushes the lgbtq on the audience which isn’t anything I remember in Eternals.
Currently sitting at 51% on Rotten Tomatoes the lowest rated of all Marvel movies.


I don’t think having LGBTQ characters pushes anything. It just means there is actual representation. When there is straight people nobody says they’re pushing heterosexuals.

/rant over


When are we going to understand that what happened in the comics doesn’t have to happen in the movies and vice versa? Shang Chi sure was pushing Mandarin being his father, I don’t remember that happening in the comics… should we have left FuManChu as his dad since it was in the comics that way? This argument is just not valid.

You might want to wrap your head around these companies emphasizing the diversity from now on, maybe even forcing it, or you are going to be so incredibly disappointed going forward.


Coming on a little strong there, @locksmithcomics, even if I agree to a degree. I don’t want us to pile on @Alana for stating an opinion though. Diversity is something we will be seeing more of, which I like though.


Forcing diversity and changing a character isn’t diversity it’s just checking a box to appease some people. Using an actual gay character with a written story showing their struggles and feelings is diversity, and a story I would like to see.


Clearly the solution is Marvel giving us a Wiccan and Hulking movie. I like those characters and seeing them in a, “Young Avengers,” movie or show would be cool.

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And also not my thoughts this is what I was told about the movie from someone who saw it.

Sorry I was a bit aggressive. I’ve just seen so much bitching on Twitter about LGBTQ characters in, “Eternals.” I need to quit Twitter, but it helps promote the blog.

I’m going to see it regardless. As long as it doesn’t get preachy I’m fine. I have heard it is a bit boring but that’s about it. Hopefully it is boring in a good way with well thought out introductions…that kind of thing. I have a feeling the creative team may be swapped out when (most likely) a sequel is made. That’ll probably be a good thing. Get Gunn in on it or something.