Eternals Movie Villain leaked

So….I should dump my eternals books and be happy with what I get? Feels like this movie may be a spec killer…

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I was thinking the same thing I have 2 or 3 extra #1s but prices aren’t all that high to begin with. A lot of copies out there for sale too.


The producer also said there probably won’t be a sequel so could become worthless in a couple years.

It really depends on the big picture with the MCU. The Eternals have been hyped for years now where I can see a sequel happening…just not with the director, writers and producers (outside of Fiege) that made this one.

Eternals spec books seem to not be heading upwards at the moment though. They seemed to be on a gradual decline since its peak levels after the movie was announced. I am likely to lose money on these.

I think it’s always important to note that the majority of movie goers aren’t folks like us that collect, have knowledge of, and live breathe comics.

I too have talked to some friends who tend to love the Marvel Universe/Super Heroes Movies, but aren’t remotely the type I listed above.

They all (well–4 people, one couple and two individuals) found it a convoluted, a bit boring, and atypical of what they expected from a Marvel “Super Hero” film.

As always, to each their own. I never cared for the Eternals comic. I respect it for what it is…but there is a reason that comic sat in .25 bins for ages.

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From the End Credits

… “The Eternals will Return”

Of course they will return…

Imagine after the credits to Captain America, it said “Captain America will not return”…



Are these the only 2 options? The movie ends with “will return” or “will not return”?

The reality is “The Eternals could Return, depending on box office receipts”.


“will return” DOES NOT mean a sequel. It means the characters will appear in other movies…


‘Eternals’ Director on That OTHER Big Character Reveal in the Credits Scenes | Fandom
director confirm voice is blade talking to dane


Yea. Without giving away spoilers, the characters appearing in other movies is the only realistic take on that “will return” quote. Some … just… simply… can’t.

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As far as if the Eternals will or will not get a sequel really depends on two things…Did it make enough to warrant another film and two, how everything has been mapped out for the next half decade. I think we will be getting another stand alone movie with a new Director/writer but that is just me.

Currently on track for a $70M box office weekend which is pretty good during the pandemic. Will it have legs though?


Not listed black widow made 80 mil theatre 60 mil streaming opening weekend, Shang Chi 71 mil opening weekend.

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Half the Internet says the movie is a smashing success with it’s income and the other half says it’s a failure. Who do I believe? I thought you could only put something on the Internet if it were true and I’m seeing conflicting opinions.

It’s 5th worst opening weekend out of 25 marvel movies with 3 of the 5 lowest being the original marvel films that didn’t have the buzz current superhero films get today. So it did better than the first Antman film but that’s about it.