Eve #1

Anyone had a read of this yet? Waiting for my copies to arrive, but the concept is an intriguing one. Something about the look of it I really like. Sad Lemon has a great Lomov cover launching tonight if anyone is interested…

Read it. Fairly original premise so far.

Good enough for me to continue reading it for now.


Thanks for review I was curious also.
I don’t usually buy incentives but the 1:50 able to get at decent price.
Really liked that cover.
Hope the book finds some fans.

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I think it would be fair to say I enjoyed Geiger far more than Eve though… if that helps.


It didn’t feel original to me. I got an A.I. Meets the matrix vibe. That being said it was good. My daughter liked it so we will be getting issue 2.

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I see store variants of Eve 1 being pushed now.

Haven’t seen too many. I saw a Mutant Beaver/Sad Lemon. Have there been others?

Yep, the 1:50 is really nice. The 1:25 is really different - not my usual preferred style, but I kinda like it too.

That Lomov variant… I have seen it for sale at 4 or 5 different online shops.

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1:50 is where its at imo

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OK. Didn’t realise it was more widely shared than MB and SL, but I think it is a 1000 print run, so makes sense.

These are the 3 store variants I have seen

I am not pushing these books… I don’t do store variants UNLESS I really like a book AND cover. My disclaimer lol

A seller has moved some Galindo raws for $100 if you can find those at $15

That Outer Limits one is hot…but sold out! Thanks for sharing.

the diego feels like a pump and dump to me, no other variant has sold out

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Hence the disclaimer…
I am in the 1:50 camp also

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I’m probably not suspicious enough about this stuff :open_mouth:


I bought the 1 per store cover after reading the book yesterday. The second half of the book surprised me and pulled me in. I have my hopes for issue #2.


That Lomov is beautiful. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: I’m having a hard time passing on all of the new exclusives in general.

The Comic Mint? - yea, uhhhh… no thanks.
By the way is Pat Gleason on this? :thinking:

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