Facsimiles - What Would You Like to See Reprinted?

If you were given the task by Marvel/DC to decide on a facsimile of one of their past comics, what would you propose?

And no, telling them you hate facsimiles and you propose nothing is not acceptable (IOW, you’re fired if you come into the board meeting with that answer…)!

Early ASM. I would love to see facsimile editions of the 1st 25-50 issues of ASM. Make it bi-weekly/weekly. Im in.


I would love me some first appearance of Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer.

What would be really awesome is some facsimile of the EC Weird Fantasy and other early books. I know Dark Horse is doing the hardcover collected editions of those now but I would love for some publisher to get the rights to do some facsimiles of those. Would just be really cool to get those in the same format of the originals. I’d even want the newsprint paper instead of the new fancy expensive paper.

I picked up the old Marvel reprints of first Blade and first Ghost Rider.

Gemstone Publishing did a good job on the re-prints back in the 1990’s … I’ve got full runs on all of those … love that pre-code Horror and some of the real Greats were involved …

Beyond easy choice for me! RIFLEMAN #10! Rifleman10

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That’s a log alright Mark is holding… :wink:

I loved watching The Rifleman as a kid… use to watch reruns every Sunday.

You and me both! Still watch it when it comes on the classic stations!

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We’re the logs as big as they show on the cover of the comics!

Back on topic…I think I most desperately want to see a Detective 168 (first red hood joker).

Followed by Incredible Hulk #1

Then amazing fantasy 15

Batman #1 @ Detective Comics 27 would be next.

Lol. Nice.

I’d love to see a facsimile of:

X-Men (1991) #1

A 7.1 million print run surely wasn’t enough for the world population =P

Bunch of funny guys in this thread…

…fuuuun-nee guys.

Ha. Love it. I think they may have already done a True Believers version.

Bringing back an old thread…

Action Comics #1 Facsimile Edition
Amazing Spider-Man #1 Facsimile Edition
Brave and the Bold #28 Facsimile Edition
Detective Comics #38 Facsimile Edition 1st Robin
Fantastic Four #52 Facsimile Edition 1st Black Panther
Superman #1 Facsimile Edition
Tomb of Dracula #1 Facsimile Edition
Wonder Woman #204 Facsimile Edition 1st Nubia


I love facsimiles, happy to see they’re still going strong. I also saw that NM 98 is being reprinted as well.

Would love to see ASM 298-328 facsimiles, especially ASM 300.

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Would love to see facsimiles of books long long ago… early golden age & platinum age.


3 of my 5 made it so far.

Still holding out hope for Tech 168…getting closer every month.

Batman 1 seems inevitable now.


Fantastic Four #12 would be a good one. Amazing Spider-man #3, 14 and 50 are not reprinted all that often.


Girasol used to create facsimiles of the old pulps. I purchased one Weird Tales (1st Conan from early 30’s). Not sure if theyre still producing new ones though

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