Facsimiles - What Would You Like to See Reprinted?

My buddy Matt DiMasi from Shattered Comics has a Shattered Variant coming up for Vampirella #1 Magazine Facsimile The nice thing is this is not an over priced store variant. There are regular and signed copies for under $12 on pre-order. Out in October.

I like these as facsimile variants. I don’t like when they “shatter” a cover only to place it on some random book.

This time it isn’t a random one. The cover matches the insides.

I am waiting for them to use the Chamber of Chills 19. Even offered to pay to do a facsimile using the shattered original art.

Dc is doing facsimiles of miniseries now. Wonderwoman War of the Gods 1-4 was reprinted as facsimiles and coming up is Batman Year 1, #404-407 in 3 versions and will be released weekly.

standard edition $3.99
cardstock edition $4.99
foil edition $5.99

I’d always believed there was a market for these weekly facsimiles of entire series of beloved runs. Image is putting out weekly reprints of Walking Dead and they’re up to issues 70 or something like that. People are buying them because some people weren’t collecting the series when they were first released.

If Marvel put out the entire run of ASM starting with AF15 as facsimiles I would be all over it and buying them every week. It’s unnecessary for them to just reprint all the key issues. I enjoy reading them and love the original ads. They’re a lot of fun and they act as a time capsule, gives you a sense of what it must’ve been like to buy those issues at that time. I especially love the 80s reprints because I love the 80s ads. Brings me all the way back to my childhood. Puts a smile on me every time.

Batman Year 1 404-407 foils have been cancelled

I would buy a series of facsimiles of early Marvel books. I would collect all the old ASM, X-Men, early FF. Avengers. Better than the slop put out lately.


has it been confirmed to retailers that the Batman Year 1 foils have been cancelled? Pretty bummed out about that.


Conceptual Funnies #1 - Invisible edition by Bad Idea.

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