FCBD Giveaway! Villain Gaming!

I’m giving away 10 sets of the hot books today (sorry no Stray Dogs), but you have to sign up for our newsletter! No purchase necessary!


I’ll give it the old college try

I’m pretty sure I signed up via the chat function just now. The message asked if I’d like to receive the latest news, and I said sure.

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Thats great. If I lived near you, I would definitely stop by. :relaxed:

Yeah the neighborhood really came out and got some books! We were unsure how it would go, but we set up at 10:00 and our first customer was there at 10:01!

The kids had a blast flagging people down, even had a UPS driver stop by…we thought he was delivering comics but turns out he just wanted some free ones!


Ok the results are in! I will be sending an email out to the winners. I used Random.org and inserted the full email subscriber list, then clicked ‘randomize’, top 10 got the packs!

Please respond to the email with your address (if I don’t already have it) so that I can send out your FCBD pack!

Thanks all for playing!

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