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Faele, if I order the quantity for a ratio, like Moon Knight 4, does that fit into your “deals” or does that not qualify for the ratio?

The variant packages are priced a little different than the upcoming FOC items. If you ever see a variant you are interested in just shoot me a PM here or on the website and I’ll get one created for ya :wink:


Do you foresee any way of doing monthly shipments or combined shipments for several weeks of books? I do combined shipments with another store by leaving a note to combine orders. Then, they refund me the difference in shipping costs when they ship the books. I say this because I would like to only purchase books from your store, but some weeks I don’t order many books. Thanks :grinning:

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I do this with a few people already utilizing Pullbox. Basically you manage your subscription and preorders, and if you are interested in a incentive package I just have people message me and I send a separate invoice for that.

Pullbox is great for those wanting to hold a few books for 2 or 3 weeks as to not get charged shipping everytime.

Send me a PM with your store email address and I’ll get you signed up. There is no cost or obligation.


Comics just arrived!!! Should be some shipment notifications going out tonight and tomorrow :wink:


I have 10 sets of FCBD to give away. I will be doing a drawing tomorrow for all Email Subscribers to the website. No purchase necessary. Simply sign up for the newsletter and you will be entered to win!

FCBD Comics: We Live / Star Wars x2 / House of Slaughter / Venom / Hulk


I get the newsletter and buy from you so I’m entered! Yah!


That is pretty cool, it seems everyone is looking to cash in on these events now. I feel some retailers have forgotten the purpose of this event…to draw in new readers and create future fans amongst the children.

I will be expecting my Congratulations e-mail tomorrow… :stuck_out_tongue:


We had an awesome time handing out comics to the kids and the neighborhood. Everyone kept asking how much they owed us and we were like, “ITS FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!” Of course, most people have never heard of it!



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Ok the results are in! I will be sending an email out to the winners. I used and inserted the full email subscriber list, then clicked ‘randomize’, top 10 got the packs!

Please respond to the email with your address (if I don’t already have it) so that I can send out your FCBD pack!

Thanks all for playing! I’ll try to do another one at some point!


We have Power Hour going on for the next 1.5 hours! 40% off everything $25 and under (minimum purchase of 5 items to qualify for the 40% off).

Also have these at $1 each:

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I missed it… Nooooooooooooo!

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There will be another one, don’t worry!


Are these Unlockables open order? Thank you.

Unlockables are 99% of the time, 1 per store incentives for ordering that particular comic.

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Missed it! I’ll try and keep my eyes out for next one!

Is FOC going to be early this week with the holiday weekend?

Yes, FOC will be Thursday this week (09/02).


awesome - expect mine late tomorrow night then

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