First Dylan Brock or First Whatever He Becomes?

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My question is which first appearance will likely become more valuable? First appearance of Dylan Brock (Venom 9) OR the issue in which he transforms into whatever super character he ultimately becomes?

This obviously depends on many unknown variables, but if you had to guess? It really seems like Venom 9 is a can’t miss spec, but if Dylan Brock is a goofy kid and his next form is badass… Does that put a cap on Venom 9’s ceiling?

Like many of you I have several copies of Venom 9 and I was considering adding more as they are still in the $50 range raw, so I’m curious as to everyone’s thoughts on this.


I think with all the “reveals” over his powers, issue 9 will be the ine to have. After that, in terms of value, will be whichever comic has him suiting up. The Codex first app will keep its popularity as its his “evil” version, but when he suits up should be a nice spec.

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I’m glad you brought that up, I made a point not to mention his ‘evil’ version by name bc all my posts have been solely focused on him haha

I think it depends on his evolution. If Dylan remains Dylan with powers, then 7 and 9 will be his most valuable books. But, if he morphs in to a different being, like a new Symbiote, then the book where that transformation takes place will ultimately be the book people will want most.

I’m not sure he’ll transform into something really, he may just take on an identity making that book a minor key. I think it’ll play out like this in order from most valuable to least, and this assumes he transforms into a visually different character:

Venom 9 Animation
Venom 7 Virgin MK
Venom 7 Tongue
Venom 9 Cover A
Venom 7 Cover A
Whatever book has his ‘transformation’ if there is one
The test of the variants will more or less be on par with each other at whatever price they settle at.

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Based on what we’ve seen from Cates, he would not do this much work and patient story building to NOT take the opportunity to roll out a badass new costume or transformation reveal IMO. In which case, he’ll somehow end up with a new name right?

Whether or not it happens is debatable. But let’s assume there is ultimately a more desirable first appearance issue, perhaps during the King in Black event.

Does that damage Venom 9’s floor price? It’s sitting around $50ish raw rn. I would think that is still in a good place even IF a new character means it will no longer increase value at the same rate

In theory he could just become like “Eleven” in Stranger Things. Where he’s seemingly just a child but can dial up extraordinary powers based on the writer’s discretion. I suppose that could be cool, but it also feels slightly anti climactic to me… I’m not sure what to think.

(Waiting patiently for Agentpoyo to swoop in and tell me what to think)

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It’s tough to say what Cates will do lol.

I don’t think you can get hurt buying Venom 9’s at $50 regardless of what happens.

If Dylan morphs into someone else, then Venom 9 is like ASM 298. Still desirable, but not anywhere near what ASM 300 commands.

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Dylan can go two possible ways I think after he’s going to experience his alternate in another universe.

He sees Codex as evil, so if and when he returns to his own universe, he becomes the Anti-Codex or he becomes power hungry and becomes more like Codex in his own world. I would love to see a character for once go from good to bad, instead of bad to good… so I’m rooting he becomes Knull’s biznatch boy on Earth 616 and becomes evil…

But honestly, anything could happen.


Typically in the past, the market gets behind the first appearance as character X over the first human appearance.

See Carnage/Venom over Cletus/Eddie first apps.

But more recently with characters, we see their first overall app popping the most, not when they become X.

See Kamala (CM 14 over MPO), Riri (IIM 7/9 over whatever issue she becomes Ironheart), Cho (AF 15 not TAHulk 1), Etc…once spec gets behind a book it’s hard to change the market.

So it’s tough to say. And with Dylan showing powers prior to becoming X, it’s also muddied.

I think Venom 7/9 will always be big books if Dylan becomes something. When (if) he becomes something/someone else, that book will be big too. But it really depends on what he becomes. Full transformation to something else that goes over big, that could be the book. Minor change, just uses powers more, then Venom 7/9 is the book still.

We just don’t know. But by the time we do, it may be too late. Buy what you feel comfortable on 7/9.


That would be great. Let it be something different.

I actually also had another thought, one that would never happen bc it doesn’t make a ton of sense for a story teller. It would also be more interesting if Knull actually killed Dylan Brock. I don’t remember the last Gwen Stacy level death that I could actually feel.

Death of Alfred doesn’t really get there for me because knowing the bat universe. He’ll be back when it’s convenient and until then, we’ll have an unlimited # of flashbacks and panels with Alfred anyway.

But a dead Dylan Brock would put instant weight on any story arc. Mind blown if Cates was crazy enough to kill a kid, however it’s just too over the top and probably closes more doors than it opens from his view

This is what I was hoping to find out about. I have taken some breaks in the past 5 years where i missed some of the new spec developments. For instance if you missed the last 9 months, you might not know that recent modern second and third printings can be huge.

Sounds like consensus is Venom 9 has a safe floor based on where it currently is. However we don’t have enough info to project what to make of his transformation issue and exactly how it will impact his first human appearance.

I think the difference between Dylan and other human characters who appeared before him and later bonded with symbiotes is that Dylan was born powered and is already part symbiote. As he gets older his look will evolve, as will his powers and character design, but I think in venom 7 and 9, what you see is what you get as far as who he’ll be down the road.

So other than growing older and visibly beefed up. You don’t think he’ll have a significant change in appearance? IE costume or w/e?

Well I expect changes when he hits puberty and his wardrobe will evolve with time lol, but I don’t think he’ll have a super powered glove or flying carpet, nothing like that. In the Symbiote world of characters, the typical milestone for a major change in appearance and power is when the human bonds with the symbiote. For Dylan we thought it would be with Sleeper, but it turned out he can’t bond with symbiotes because he already sorta is one. So based on what we know about Dylan and even Codex, I really don’t see a bigger ‘key event’ outside his first appearance.

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So you’re going all-in on the first appearance of Dylan Brock’s acne and facial hair. Noted. Do you think Codex will remain relevant in the grand scheme of things going forward as Dylan’s evil version?

Here is an interesting thought. What if we have already seen Dylans true potential?

He couldnt bond with Sleeper, but he could with Venom (See T-Rex venom in venom Isle)

What if his greatest power is “knowing” which symbiote fits with which Human for its true potential? I know it sounds stupid, but last issue all his talk about the symbiote he “picked” for Gargan to become symbiote scorpion… it got me thinking that along with being able to command then, he knows which are best suited for hosts

Food for thought.


Did he bond with Venom (T-Rex)? I thought he was somehow commanding Venom through a telepathic link (while he was still physically within that dark void) but not actually physically bonded. Mind you, I haven’t read it recently so I could be wrong.

In either case, I don’t think your theory is stupid. I actually like the idea of a symbiote/host curator responsible for creating the best pairings.

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I just remeber thinking it was bad ass that Dylan was a venom t-rex