First look at Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel

That’s like every movie if you’re able to see it filmed in person… one day our CGI is going to be so top notch, we won’t even have to have actors with actual film shooting scenes. :wink:


Without CGI, we’re talking movies still having the special effects quality of Star Wars 1977 and Superman 1978.

Marvel movies are basically Pixar movies with all the cgi they use

The “Police Line, do not cross” with all the folks standing behind it also make it look like the Javits Center NYCC.
They have a specific area outside the food court with similar barriers. It’s like a perfect Cosplay scene.

Kamran 1st appearance is Ms Marvel #13


In case anyone is interested.

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I found this in an Ollie Store comic pack about two months ago. I was thinking of getting mine graded.

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Snap, nice!

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Hey look, it’s Marvel Studio’s version of Green Lantern…


I’ll take it. Can’t be any worse than the live-action Ryan Reynold flick.

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Hey now… he went back and corrected that in Deadpool 2… it never existed! :wink:

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my hope is that the kree bracklet that is powering her, is powered by a teragen crystal, and at the end of the season it breaks turning her into an inhuman

Green lantern was a very good film…

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Well that will give Marvel another year to reboot and relaunch her solo title 3 more times…

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The end of 2022? Does that mean we won’t get a trailer this Friday as that is so far away?

I can say with 100% certainty maybe not.


Ms. Marvel as an investment worries me. Full disclosure, I have a copy of Capt. Marvel 17 2nd Print, and I know, currently the book and related books are worth a lot.

I just feel her comic story/background is not as strong as say Miles Morales, etc, and there is a big push to make her fit certain boxes (which is a good thing if packaged with good storytelling). Her comic book has been relaunched several times, and I believe her spec value will be based on the success of her TV show.

Kind of like most TV/Movie hyped characters - there is a bump in spec value for a while, a dip when prices go too high (like now/speculators deciding whether to buy in), a slight bump again based on previews/reviews of Tv show, and THEN whether it holds value depends on the success of the TV show and acceptance by a broad audience.

Kind of like Spider-gwen - BUT Spider-gwen has one thing going for her - Cosplayers. I just dont see this happening with Ms. Marvel to a large extent.

So, just rambling here, but I would be careful about my investment in Ms Marvel 17. UF 4 might be the surer thing, CM 17 may be a lower spec investement (if you get a good deal on it !). I do want her to suceed, just sharing some of my thoughts …interested in other viewpoints.