Flashpoint Universe Question

Hey CHU,

Does anyone know if the Flashpoint universe/alternate reality is considered a deviation of Earth 0 (main DCU) or is it a whole new Earth where things are completely different (Earth 3, Earth 8 for example).

I guess a better way to ask the question is this: If Barry didn’t go back in time and save his mom, would Thomas & Martha Wayne have died and Superman landed on the Kent’s farm?


Earth 0 altered is what they call it which leads to the new 52 and then further expanded on with the button to then create rebirth.

I askimg because Geoff Johns has been giving us some serious Joker breadcrumbs.

First in the New 52 he stated that there are Three Jokers, then in the Three Jokers miniseries he stated that Batman has known Joker’s identity since a week after they met. Now, I’ve mostly caught up on my reading after having a second baby and in Flashpoint Beyond issue 5 he gives us these panels:

My only issue with these panels is that as far as i know, on Earth 0 Thomas Wayne never owned a casino.