Flatline Cameos in Detective Comics 1034

My money is in Clothes Line. But not in the same sense.

Just when you thought it was safe to air dry your laundry…

HairLine; a balding, outcast Wookie who may or may not be drunk.

LineDrop; makes late night, teenage crank calls

LineDancer; see Dazzler

SnortLine; crazy Cuban man pig who has little friends

MainLine; a zombie heroine (not a drug user)

BottomLine; a brash, badass babe with a bangin’ big booty

Lineline: all your line are belong to us.

If you think the bigger sites don’t check out what we are talking about. Rich told me years ago that he takes cues from the site. And then he claimed he had never heard of us.

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He’s probably our number one silent fanboy… :wink:


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