Flatline Cameos in Detective Comics 1034

A sneaky surprise cameo of Flatline and who’s that on the screen below Flatline’s cameo, Rose, Gwenpool?

Already picked up 2 copies at my shop. Might be back for a few more. Flatline has huge potential unlike Miracle Molley. This one’s a keeper.

I think that might be white rabbit in the bottom panel

We’ve been found out! The jig is up, boys and girls!


Already gone at opening at my LCS.

We had Punchline, now Flatline… I wonder how many more characters we can get that end with “line”…

Clothesline - Ex Wrestler who takes his enemies down with a switch clothesline move…
Unmasculine - Tynions on version of himself in the comic as an innocent bystander who turns into Punchline’s crossdressing boy toy…
Branchline - An antagonist that turned into a tree…
Waistline - Always going for sucker punches below the waist…

Come on… let’s see how many more we can come up with… :wink:


HorizonLine - only powerful for the 2 minutes during sunrise or sunset…


It was only a matter of time until Bleeding Cool picked up this story lol and all inventory will be gone.

On key collector now

Already had one eBay seller cancel on me.

Don’t forget Coastline, the hero who has powers as long as he has one foot in the ocean and one foot on the beach.


I have had to gamble on the sometimes great, sometimes awful Forbidden Planet for this one. Glad I nabbed a couple, but who knows what condition they will arrive in?

And to get into the spirit of things…

Discip-line: Sternly tells off people who do not behave themselves
Adren-aline - Has a panic attack in the presence of evil
Dead-line - the hero that’s never late for pre-arranged villainy
Dec-line - the multiverse’s most laid back heroine

…I’ll fetch my coat and hat and leave now…

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what was their “reason” ? Such a scummy thing to do

They just said they were sold out, asked if I wanted cover B or a refund

A retro character: Landline. Targets old people using wire fraud schemes.


Credit Line - He owes you one

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Lifeline just reported in from the Joe team and is happy to provide medical assistance as needed.

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Then there’s Chorus Line… Kinda like Multiple Man but with more kicking,


“SPOILER” - After the recent death of Miracle Molly, a new mysterious figure arises. Her name is REDLINE and is out for vengeance on the murder of her best friend. Don’t miss out on this next major life shattering event. “REDLINE” part 1 in Batman 112. Please note there will be a 1:50 variant foil cover.

Don’t miss out!!!

It is funny Flatline cameos almost one year to the exact date after Punchline did