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We got variants topic, additional printing topic, Star Wars topic. We need a good ongoing FOC topic to discuss upcoming final order cutoff titles and issues each week.

As I have yet to write my own FOC Highlights for this week, DC is making their FOC today due to the holiday weekend so I figured I’d kick this off with a DC book.

I’m really digging this variant cover for: Checkmate #1

Checkmate #1 (of 6) (Variant)

It’s written by Bendis who I’m usually bleh with (sorry, he’s just let me down all too often) but I’m gonna give this one a chance just because I really dig that cover. And I’m not even a Green Arrow fan… Not even sure what draws me into this one either, maybe I’m just a sucker for simplicity.


Also, what’s up with Mister Miracle the Source of Freedom #2 (of 6) (Cover A - Yanick Paquette) on FOC that’s already doing a homage variant to Venom #29?


Venom #29



i felt the same way when i saw the cover of Checkmate #1, but the Bendis is a tough sale for me too! Guess i will pick one up… I am disapointed with the Harley covers but geez Middleton, can you do no wrong?

Yeah, I was liking that Middleton too. Was definitely going to add in my actual highlights post. :slight_smile:

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2 more books foc’ing today are Robin 3 (I like the cover B) and Infinite Frontier 1 that has a 1st appearance/ cameo of new character (though DC has a 1st new character in some title that feels like every week.

Robin #3 (Cover B - Francis Manapul Card Stock Variant)
Infinite Frontier #1 (of 6) (Cover A - Mitch Gerads)

Is FOC for Marvel books going to be earlier as well? I seem to recall it being a Friday, at least for TFAW, last time there was a Monday holiday, but can’t be sure.

I believe it’s still for Monday for Marvel and rest at Diamond.

Middleton is top notch and somewhat versatile. More so than other artists on his level, I feel.

You know what you’re getting from an Artgerm, Ross, Mattina, Mayhew…even Momoko etc…

But Middleton is a wild card sometimes. In a good way. And I like how he’s not obsessed with the how much he can distort a body or how much action he can put on one cover…just keeps it simple yet so much depth at the same time.


Seems he likes to mess with different mediums too… Most artists find that style they click with and then stick with it for eternity while Middleton seems to dabble off and experiment…

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I completely agree about Middleton. His style is so versatile sometimes he beats other artists at their own game. For instance this might be my favorite Frison Wonder Woman cover to date! Lol

ok i gotta say after a few weeks of some bad dc covers and meh covers from everyone else (aside from choice ratios and a few variants) this foc imo has some really pretty stuff. since i subscribe to what i read me ordering on foc really only amounts to me buying on aesthetics. these are a few of my favorite regular priced covers im excite for.
Manifest Destiny 44 (just something about it - i dont even read the series)

Amazing Spiderman 69 Parel Sinister Villian Variant- I think most of these villian variants from this FOC are great! CM #29, Silk #4.

and i really gotta say this is my favorite cover. (again never read the series but now i wanna)

Jules Verne Lighthouse #3

And is Josh Burns the new pin-up girl king?

Wonderland Annual Reign of Madness One Shot #1

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I haven’t heard much about this one, but seems like it could have some spec if Aaron Fischer goes anywhere. Higher cover price, first cover app. (tied with the 1:25), late cover reveal, a week before first appearance in United States of Captain America. May do nothing, but thought I’d add it to this week’s FOC list anyways!

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the cover price for all of the non-ratio books is $9.99, not just that one.

I like the 1:25 Frame variant because of several 1st cover appearances.


It’s not a bad choice. I went for the America Chavez Pride Month cover myself. We know she’s coming, and she doesn’t have a lot of great solo covers other than that Ultimates2 virgin.

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I totally agree. I got the 1:25 for the Somnus cover and this one since Aaron’s featured. I do think the 1:25’s the better bet too.

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I think the Voices Pride :rainbow: 1:100 could be solid. How many small shops will buy a 100 of these. Of course, any stores doing exclusives will add 40 copies or so.

I’m getting a few of The Electric Black #1 2nd ptg, but I have no hopes on any development of the show. I really enjoy the series and I’m not banking on this printing being low print like the 1st. I’m continuing to buy one of each additional printing of Stray Dogs #1. Stray Dogs is the best book I’m reading.

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Foc was a full 2 months before the release date for the electric Black, along with coming what 1-2 years after original release, I’m not so sure it was highly ordered. Still a month from release.

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Josh Middleton and David Mack are next level

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