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I enjoyed that movie. Thought it was pretty good.

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I hated cruella when i was a kid seeing 101 dalmations.

It was heartbreaking and despicable to me that anyone would make a fur coat from dogs.

Flash forward 50 years i still hate her but am loving the Disney villain stories dynamite is putting out


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It’s a shame he can be reckless and publish an unconfirmed “tip” which leads to lots of clicks. Dude is a hack.

I wrote for him several times. It was a whole thing.

That Zod comic death is of little note, I expected a bigger deal with that huge spoiler headline.

A lot of Disney villains had a point, but Cruella was just evil.


Sidenote/Off topic:
Cruella has some really cool cards on the Lorcana game.


Marvel press release for upcoming ultimate tiltles. Looks like all 3 titless going to be hot for a while.




major ?

classic episode

@billyraybob i know the song by heart too.

So what’s the heat on Batman 142 for? I slept on it and see it’s not selling for cover. Anything noteworthy - or just some pumping and dumping?

Really good read/story (Joker centered). I really liked it.


I am enjoying it. Seeing people saying it is making the previous stuff too convoluted but I am really enjoying it.

JOKER - Year One - Story on how joker became what he is today. SIDE NOTE: DC made Batman 142 returnable for any unsold issue for retailer, guess DC was confident about what they had on their hand.

Not exactly. Here’s the official hoops that had to be jumped thru and it was only 25% returnable but for multiple issues by over ordering just 142. They also cancelled the incv ratio and made it open order since they may be learning to never mix ratio’s with covers that are strip cover returnable to qualify for them.

Order Notes: Retailers who meet or exceed 150% of their orders of Batman #141 (1023DC048-1023DC052, 1023DC805) with orders of Batman #142 (1223DC001-1223DC005, 1223DC809) by FOC will qualify to have 25% of the orders of 1223DC001 BATMAN #142 CVR A, 1223DC006 BATMAN #143 CVR A and 1223DC012 BATMAN #144 CVR A to be returnable.

It’s amusing that these new ultimate books are generating buzz and spec, especially the X-Men book. The Children of the Atom book from a few years back, which introduced a bunch of new characters, was a brick from the get go.

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Like they had to be learned…lol!

Kudos to all of the retailers on CHU and our LCS’s who have to keep up with that sh*t in order to help themselves stay in the black.

I don’t know, I just feel like that’s ridiculous.