Foil, holo, glow-in-the-dark covers... your thoughts?

Personally, i skip most of these when they come out. I was collecting as a young teen in the 90s and part of my memory of the comic bubble bursting was how a lot of the cool covers that I loved then ended up seeming gimmicky later on.

Even with saying that, i just got the foil Conan movie poster cover a few weeks back, and i pre-ordered the foil Hughes she-hulk, so maybe I’m just a big hypocrite haha.

If Conan (2023) #1 ends up for some reason being sought after and valuable, is there any reliable precedent for a special edition being more valuable than the A cover?

Just interested in hearing some other thoughts on these special covers. Venom lethal protector and ASM 365 both have effects but they are the main covers.

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I’m waiting for store variants to incorporate fiber optics into their comics.


Loving the variety of them, so much cool cover at is getting the foil treatment. Can’t say no to a good foil cover and will always pick one up if the price is right.

Although nothing beats Coffin Comics premium and mega foil covers, they are just ahead of the other publishers with this. One day they may catch up.

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Covers are going to start roaring at us now…


I like the look, i worry about how delicate foil can be, though. Will it flake as it ages?

The glow in the dark Maxx from 90s is pretty cool.

There were a few times/books/series where Glow in the dark covers were really cool and made sense. To this day I have a couple out/displayed that I enjoy seeing or watching reactions from the grand kids when I “turn out the lights”.

Cool things in small doses always works best.


Ghost rider 15 (1991) I believe was the first, and still one of the best.


You can’t even compare todays gimmick covers to the 90’s. Just look at the difference in print runs. Jesus the 90’s worse selling comic outsold todays best selling by hundreds of thousands.

now its thousands to tens
still not a good thing


I still can’t resist a good glow in the dark cover.

Same. I love a good GITD

I love these cover gimmicks, but only when they are infrequent. Then they seem special or unique or desirable. Now everything is foil, and I just couldn’t care less. Someone please explain the concept of moderation to Marvel.


Marvel never does anything in moderation. When they find a gimmick that sells books they will run it to the ground. Newer collectors won’t know this but at one point crossovers was a big thing and would sell comics and had spec value.

Back in the early 90s when I got into collecting comics, Wolverine, Ghostrider and Punisher were huge. Marvel realized that whenever they put these characters in other books, sales would skyrocket. At my comic shops any books that had a wolverine/ghostrider or punisher crossover would be a wall book the next week for $15. This was pretty big because back in the 90s new comics were still $1.25 or $1.50 in Canada.

So of course marvel put these characters in EVERYTHING and I mean everything even forming new teams. Nowadays crossovers mean absolutely zilch and will never come close to the excitement it used to generate.


:point_up:t3: 100%
diluted the characters and killed a lot of the momentum they had in stories with just putting them every where


Remember hearts of darkness!


I love that book.


I still have it. Maybe more than 1 :laughing:

I’ve been really liking foil facsimiles. Every facsimile should have a foil variant. But I only buy the ones I like. So the fact they are excessive only means I’m more picky about what I choose to purchase.

For example, Micronaughts #1…not even a foil will get me to buy that facsimile.



You could say I like shiny objects. Got a TFAW order delivered today…this will now be my gimmick cover dumping ground. :upside_down_face:

As I suspected.The Artgerm foil (white rabbit) looks better not foiled. Dark cover art is always a crap shoot. Vibrant colors like Batman #1 foil much better.

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