Or not…



Oh boy, that buyer… smh

Sucker born every minute.

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Put it up there with the worst sports investments next to the baseballs Todd McFarlane bought.


“If you look at it as buying a baseball, dollar in and dollar out, I’m the stupidest guy on the planet. It’s a 3 dollar baseball. I overpaid by a million times that amount right so it doesn’t make any sense,” McFarlane says casually.
"Even as a collectible and again at this point, I didn’t know the cloud of steroids were coming. I thought, in best case scenario, I could use it and then I can sell it and get my money back but I’d get all the value of in maybe being able to sell some sports figures.

He seems to be okay with his ‘investment’. :beers:


Not insulting McFarlane, but as an investment, like the football, it was a bad idea. As a baseball fan I am sure he is happy but Todd McFarlane's $3 Million Mark McGwire 70th Home Run Ball Has Dropped Significantly In Value | Celebrity Net Worth


Football has to be like “the other girl” for Gisele.

“You promised me you’d break up with her!”

She cannot be happy about this.

Come backs out of retirement never end well. But this is Tom Brady so he’ll probably win another Super Bowl….

All good, Tony. I was just looking at the glass as half full. That baseball led to his MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL property licenses. Todd is a shrewd business man. He turned that horrible investment into a money making machine via his toy line. :beers:

The NFL season is only 4 months long, 5 if you include the Playoffs. In those 5 months, Tom would be on the road for 8 weeks. The other 8-12 weeks, he will be playing at home. So, Tom is essentially getting paid $25M to be away from his family for 8 weeks this year. I think Giselle could live with that. :beers:

Football is a 12 month full time investment when it comes to Tone Brady. He’s not the GOAT on talent alone. Not even close.

And time away from family is time you don’t get back.

Had dinner with a linebacker years ago shortly after he won a super bowl ring. He could only go to all inclusive resorts for vacations as he had to consume so many calories a day, his wife was practically cooking for a large family when it was only the 2 of them. 12 months were committed to football and eating so many eggs a day sounded miserable.

I believe there is a Michael Jordan meme for this…


Jokes, drog. :beers:

I didn’t say it wasn’t. Most jobs are a 12 month commitment. I simply said he will only be working away from home for 8 weeks. The other 44 weeks of the year, he will be sleeping in his own bed, at his own mansion, on a pile of money, beside a Super Model. :beers:

PS. I despise him, as a lifelong RAIDERS fan, but I respect his game and commitment. :v:

I’m pretty sure Giselle makes way more money than Tom.

She certainly does.

Maybe he won’t be able to throw any touchdowns moving forward and the ball will still be the last?

Wouldn’t that be an ironic ending to his career. I remember Brett Farve trying to come back (I think it was the second retirement) and he got KILLED…

Brady probably has another retirement/unretirement in him still.

Takes a few break-ups to realize it was over the first time…

You know what’s sad? The only thing I now recall of Brett Favre’s career is when he got caught sending dick picks to the ladies… or something like that! Way to end your career, becoming a creepy sleaze bag!

That’s when he was a member of the Jets. Might have been before he was released.

As a Jets fan I have lots of great memories.

The Dan Marino fake spike.

Drunk Joe Namath hitting on Susie Kolber in front of a national Monday Night Football audience.

The thanksgiving day “Butt Fumble” game…Sanchez’s finest moment in front of 25 million viewers….

Sale voided as items was advertised as Tom Brady’s
“Last TD”. Which looks to no longer be true.

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It could still end up being the last TD football… Brady could suffer a career ending play in the first game and play… :stuck_out_tongue:

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