Forgotten characters

Until today I would have put Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes) on this list. The big question now is which previously Forgotten Character will be the villain in the movie.

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In context to their biggest/only competition, explain why DC isn’t the same as Marve, in regards to new characters that haven’t done anything. The characters mentioned above are mostly Marvel, and that would seem to directly counter your opinion.

Outside of Knull, what new recent Marvel characters are as popular as BWL and/or Punchline, @billyraybob?

With the keyword being ‘context’. :roll_eyes:

I wouldn’t necessarily consider Punchline a complete success yet. We’ve barely tapped into her character. Sure her first appearances do well on the secondary market but they’re not like All-Star type value yet… I think over time, she’ll be the clear winner for Tynion’s run with the amount of firsts he’s introduced in such a small time frame.

As for Marvel recent hot characters… besides Knull… Black Winter, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Fallen One, Immortal Hulk (a little over 2 years but close enough)… some are somewhat successful, some not so much but have potential depending on how they’re used.

Go back a little further and you find Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Silk and Kamala Khan which all have made a big impact in the Marvel Universe…

Seems like first half of the decade we got new heroes and now we’re getting more villains…


I suppose that is subjective, for sure. But, from a speculation stand point, I would consider her a success, based off the current FMV of BM89A, and HA3A, 18 months after her debut. With BM having one of the larger print runs for a modern monthly. She is also already quite popular with the cosplay crowd, whatever that’s worth. :man_shrugging:

I guess I don’t judge a character based on cosplay though… I think most will do cosplay based on ease of materials and makeup required as well… you can walk into any lingerie/intimates shop and walk out looking like Punchline with relative ease… :wink:

You also cherry picked my words too… leaving out where I already mentioned what you pointed out:


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You should, it’s a great indicator of growing/increasing fandom.

You couldn’t be more wrong there, Poyo. Cosplayers choose there characters based on passion and love, not convenience and ease.

According to Marvel wiki database, Black Winter was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in October 1969 and his 1st appearance is Thor #169. Just an older idea recently stolen by Cates.
CGR came out 3.5 years ago, and that character is not popular. Another refab unimaginative Cates stolen idea.
The Fallen One is just another recycled, unimaginative idea stolen by Cates. Fallen One debuted in 2004, after being created by Keith Giffen.
Immortal Hulk was 3 years ago, but that isn’t even a new character according to you, it’s just same ol’ Hulk with a new preface for his name. Bruce Banner and the Hulk debuted in 1961.
So, none of the characters you mentioned falls even remotely close to a two year window, and most don’t even meet the criteria for being a new character. :man_shrugging:


Black Winter is a good spec character.I could see him being hyped up like the next Knull or something to make money for Marvel in several years

Maybe but I’m pretty certain a lot will choose based on ease as well. You speak as if you’re speaking for all of them? Are you director of Cosplayers Association or something? :wink:

Why? Because you do? I do me, you do you…

Marvel Wiki Database I’d take with a grain of salt, if you’re talking about the one that can be edited by anyone with an email and internet access. You of all people should know that… and according to some people, Black Winter first appeared in SSB… even when the very writer says it’s not Black Winter. :wink:

Fallen One is yes, Silver Surfer but characters change and evolve all the time. Apparently Marvel signed off on this idea… so don’t go hating on Cates, since we all know you hate him.

Immortal Hulk is yes, just Bruce Banner and Hulk but apparently the market decided this was significant change. Again, characters need to be freshened up to make them appealing again. If we keep regurgitating Peter Parkers origin story, people grow tired and bored…

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Also, I’ve been to enough conventions now to know a lot of the cosplayers treat it like a job (particularly the big conventions)… most don’t know shit about the very character they’re dressing up as (the pretty girls and boys who do it for the modeling aspect of it).

Now, the regular fans that dress up to go to the show, yes, I will say they do it for the love of the character.

But the ones paid to walk around (those pretty girls and boys), not so much more than likely. I’m just not impressed when there’s 4 dozen Harley Quinn’s running around the convention floor… to me, they just took the cheap easy route in their cosplay. Maybe when COVID is over, I’ll make it my goal next NYCC to go around and actually ask questions about the characters people dress up as, if they’re “real” fans like you say they are, they should be able to answer questions about the characters… :wink:


Cosplayers and opinions aside, my original point was; Marvel and DC both have a high rate of ‘misses’ when it comes to new characters. I do not think it’s fair to single out one company unjustly. :v:

So many with the shirt and bat the year, “Suicide Squad,” came out…

Oh yeah… it was just awful… I really dig the not so common cosplayers when I do pay attention.


Kid Kaiju is a good spec still cheap for the first appearance in TA Hulk #3 even the 1:25 Cho variant can be had for below $50

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Well…since I’m among friends and we’re taking cosplay… Here’s your friendly neighborhood Devildog in action! (Yeah…off topic but since cosplay was brought up)!




I mean obviously:


But this is the dream:

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