Forum Growth - A Quick Glance

I love looking at stats and I wanted to share with everyone the sudden explosion of growth and activity here on the forums, making this a pretty cool place to hang out to discuss comics.

Take a look at this report on Total Pageviews from all sources hitting the forums (bots, crawlers, visitors and logged in users)… For the longest time we were averaging until 1k views a day but now… since June 9th seems like it was the start of a consistent 1800+ views per day average.

So just a huge thanks to everyone that visits the forums, keeping the discussions lively. This was our ultimate goal when we decided to start a forum and I must say, I spend way more time here myself than the main site most days.


Was it June 1st comics stopped getting shipped by diamond?

Great news

So happy to see this! I really enjoy the forum. Congrats!

This explains why I’m finding it harder and harder to get to the lcs and find a back-issue that has heated up.


So… Should we shut down CHU and keep all the info we share to ourselves? Muhahahahah

Yes. U should.

Not yet, my lcs still hasn’t been hit by CHU readers yet. :laughing:

Me like. Congrats!


I make sure all my bots visit CHU first!!!

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I love this community that keeps growing!

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And since September the number of page views has exploded to over 10,000 a day. Insane that in June we were talking 1,800 and now we are seeing 13,000


Here’s a fun graph to look at with the recent explosion on the forums activity:

This is the past year of types of user activity:

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In September we were excited about 10,000 a day. Now we are hitting 25,000 a day. You guys are maniacs!! Thank you


And looking back from September forward.

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Looks like a Covid curve…unfortunately the best scientists in the world will never develop a vaccine for CHU-VID…


They seem to coincide.

I have multiple accounts that I keep using to give the site a boost. I’m also jcLu, soberwooky, Alana and Cody Walker.

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…you’re welcome.

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