Frustrated with Boom/Once and Future 2nd/3rd printings

Usually just go with the flow with comics, but I’m irritated with Boom/Diamond or whoever the heck is the reason I can’t get ahold of the second or third prints for “Once and Future”.

I pre-ordered these books plenty in advance/before FOC and my shop (who is incredible and the issue is not their fault) ended up getting only one copy of the 2nd print (with 15 ordered) and have already been informed they will get only one copy of the 3rd print (even though that issue had plenty of word of mouth and plenty of time to be ordered-also 15 ordered).

From my understanding, this “allocation” of the 2nd and 3rd prints is happening across the board.

I’m a big fan of Dan Mora and was interested in the book from the start. I had plenty of #1 and just wanted to get the run of these further printings.

Obviously, they are already becoming pricey. We knew the 2nd print would be tough (although it shouldn’t have been) but the 3rd should of been zero issue and it appears even that will be tough now.

At any rate, had to rant a bit…I would be interested to hear from any of you that ordered/put in preorders, etc to see if you have the same issues.

Pretty crazy what the later printings are doing when 1st print I still see on the shelves…

I passed on ordering the 2nd print at FOC, regretted it after but know with knowing it is very skimmed if I had ordered it. Ordered 2 copies of 3 print and now I’m worried.

printing for 2nd print will likely be less than 1500 copies. if series holds than prices should keep it around sdcc variant

So I apologize for what may seem a silly question, but when it comes to these varied printings…is it that the publisher themselves basically say “we’re setting the limit to 1500 regardless of what people want or order” or is there some other factor?

I (being just a collector and with no idea of the ordering side of things) thought that if a book was ordered prior to FOC that the entire point was the publisher then knew how many of a book was wanted and printed it accordingly?

It seems like a publisher would want to make money by printing more copies of a popular book.

Is it an ego thing? Look how rare and valuable our books are? I just don’t get it.

I’m obviously missing something in the process. Does the publisher somehow benefit (in their minds) by restricting the number of books printed (even when they have been ordered/requested by retailers?

2 possibilities. 1 your shop didnt put in your request before foc or 2 they did but are lying to you cause they dont want to sell you a 50-70 book for 3.99

Can anyone else who “preordered” these (shops or otherwise weigh in. Just curious & I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

I fully trust my shop & even saw the invoice “ordered 15” “fullfilled 1”.
Something about future printings also being allocated blurb.

I have three covers on the way. Paid under cover for all three.

I pre-ordered second print issue 1 still waiting to see if I get it I also ordered issue 1 third print as well

May I ask if this was an order via your local LCS or just online somewhere.
If there is somewhere I can start trying to order stuff like these without the risk of orders not getting fulfilled I’d love it.
I didn’t wait till the last minute to order any of these and it’s frustrating to be left without any of them.

I put a preorder in with TFAW that limited them to one per customer. My local comic shop got a preorder as well for two copies from me. I have third prints coming in as well.

@Anthony Thank you! I will start using TFAW. Appreciate the response!!!

From my experience with TFAW and pre-orders is, if you order them before FOC, they honor your pre-order. They once got mad at me cause I did a pre-order and the book got delayed several times, I totally forgot about it and my CC on file with them lapsed (got a new one), apparently they emailed me after a few tries, telling me they can’t process my order and I need to update my CC. When I logged in, I saw what they were charging me for and I told them since it was already a few weeks past the release date (I did monthly shipments to save on shipping costs) and I had forgot I pre-ordered on their site (since the book was delayed), I asked to cancel the order as I just picked the book up locally.

They responded telling me I’d have to do several more regular orders since I didn’t keep my pre-order promise and they were now “stuck” with the books… I’m sure they were able to move them but still, goes to show they stick to your pre-orders cause they base their ordering numbers on customers putting in such pre-orders.

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I know you want to trust your local shop but word I got from a retailer, these are not getting allocated, etc. You said you saw his invoice?

Also, is he a boom certified retailer? I know they get orders filled first or something.

Yes, but as someone who doesn’t look at them routinely, it certainly could have been explained in a way that I wouldn’t understand anyway. I have never had a single issue before but…times are also changing with this stuff. While I gave them the request that I wanted them before FOC, that also doesn’t mean they followed through I suppose.

I took your/others advice, created a user with TFAW and will utilize them, from here on out for books like these.

@Mike_C Not sure about that

While I certainly wanted the 2nd print, it is the 3rd that really captured my attention and was the reason I made a point of communicating that I wanted them. Hopefully they will come through with that one at least.

For some reason, that 3rd printing (with the horse rearing) made me think of Baron Karza from the Micronauts (which I loved as a kid) and I had to have it. If need be I’ll ebay the darn thing regardless if I overpay or not.

I don’t have a dog in this race since I’ve never ordered any of the issues in question but looking at Diamonds website right now it’s absolutely clear they’ve done everything from change item order codes for the items to posting notes that they will fill with whatever they happen to have on hand. Makes me think the store showing you a physical invoice that you can see and verify their claims with your own eyes is telling the truth to you and the fault may not be theirs.

That image was taken about 5 minutes ago.

The item code for the 2nd Printing shows the item as not shipped and changed the item code to that of the 6th and Final Printing.