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Greetings and jamutations, CHUsters!

I wanted to go ahead and create this thread of Funko POPs that can be flipped for mad money! I saw a few other posts talking about Funko, but I wanted this to specifically be about POPs that have heated up and/or are heating up. I swear that CHU used to have Funko articles a few times a year before (I want to say Alana would write them). I’ll keep updating this thread with POPs that are heating up plus POPs that I think are a surefire bet.

Right off the bat, Funko has its fair share of criticisms. Many of them are overproduced, most become peg warmers, and they are usually compared to Beanie Babies. My retort is always that Funko has been around for a while going back to the “Wacky Wobblers”, and the POP line has outlived Beanie Babies. I feel that POPs had their peak a few years ago, but the community is as strong as ever, and many Funko enthusiasts continue to drop bills on their personal grails.

Funko is certainly not a quick flip. A lot of times, you have to sit on them for a year or two before they start moving. A good example is the Miraculous Ladybug POPs. I was picking up the Ladybug left and right every time I saw her. The POP hit a high of $40 at one point. Then, a restock happened, and it killed the value. No worries, I bought a few more, and continued to sit on them. I think overall, it took 4 years, but then it slowly started climbing again. Before you know it, I was selling them for $200 each on eBay. (Hint: If they ever make a Paw Patrol line, get all of them!)

Now, this doesn’t mean that Funko is future-proof. Here today, gone tomorrow, right? But for those that have always been interested in Funko for flipping purposes, and don’t mind sitting on a product for a year or two, this could be the thread for you.

A recent example that I’ll use is the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia line. Funko released POPs based on the famous Dayman musical episode, and they also released one Funko Shop exclusive. You probably saw these POPs at Wal-Marts and Gamestops; they weren’t hard to get.

They pretty much sat at retail price until recently. Looking at PopPriceGuide, they are currently at:

Charlie (Funko Shop exclusive) - $35
Charlie as Dayman - $14
Frank as Troll - $24
Mac as Nightman - $21
Dee as the Princess - $19
Dennis as Dayman - $19

Some of it is due to the new season premiering in December 2021 and being fresh in people’s minds, but once people realize that these POPs are “Vaulted”, they start to scramble to buy them all. After all, you need to collect the whole set! Only one was an exclusive, but it didn’t even sell out right away. It sat on the Funko website for a few months. Now, almost all of them are above retail in value, with a couple hitting double in value.

Now, here’s the big question: Why would you spend $12-$15 retail on a vinyl figure that takes up space and have to wait years to be worth something when you could buy a $5 comic and flip it for $20 the same day? Well, I don’t have a good counter for that because that is a very good point. Funkos take up space, a lot more compared to a comic book. You can make 4x your money on a hot book right away while you have to wait a year to make 4x time your money on a POP.

However, what I’ve learned at local shows is that POPs are your garnish. They make children ooh and ahh, they allow families to collect together because the figures are cute, and of course, everyone always has to collect them all. More importantly, they move fairly quick. When I go to shows, it takes a while for a comic collector to drop $100 on a key book, and they usually always want a deal. When a family comes to my booth and sees the POPs that they are missing, they don’t think twice about buying 3 POPs for $30 each. Go figure! Comic books will always have a better profit margin, but Funkos can make your weekend show go from, “I did good,” to, “I did great!”

To finish off, here are some important Funko takeaways:

  1. Stickers are important! Collectors will pay a premium for retail stickers (Gamestop exclusive, Walgreen’s exclusive, etc.) than the generic “Special Edition” gray sticker (these are used abroad). Likewise, convention stickers (ECCC, NYCC, SDCC) are worth more than the shared stickers (Summer Convention, Fall Convention). It’s the same POP! But the difference could be $100 in value.

  2. Hot Topic and Gamestop exclusives are notorious for restocks. A POP that has slowly climbed to $100 can be shot down overnight when a restock or warehouse find happens. Fret not, as this is always a good buying opportunity. It will always climb back up!

  3. Anime has the best turnaround. Anime POPs always heat up the fastest. Dragonball Z, Naruto, One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Demon Slayer are some current hot ones. Just ask your kids about them!

  4. Whenever someone gets out of the POP game, 2 people take their place. I’ve been selling Funko for a few years, and I’ll always come across the one person that’s getting out of the POP game. “It’s too much.” “They take up too much space.” “I hate what Funko is doing.” “It’s nothing but scalpers.” Then, I’ll run into 2 people that same day that have just started collecting, and they want to drop $500 to catch up to everyone else.

  5. Like #1, box condition is important, too! PPG is a good guide, but it doesn’t separate between NM or damaged conditions. When listing online, always take pictures of all sides of the box. It’s not uncommon to see a Mint condition POP sell for $100 higher than PPG. A lot of the old ones have damaged boxes, so PPG sees those sales and might undervalue a minty box.

  6. Always put your POPs on POP protectors. Stores usually sell them at $2 a piece, and you can find bulks for a better discount. Before a show, I always buy a pack of 20 protectors off of Amazon. It comes out to $1 and change for each, but collectors react better when they see POPs inside a protector. You can even price them $5 above PPG, and people will be ok since it comes inside a protector.

  7. Speaking of PPG, always have your POPs priced! You do not want to be that one vendor that doesn’t have prices on purpose, so you can look them up on eBay or PPG. I’ve seen plenty of vendors lose customers because when they ask for the price, the first thing they do is look it up online to see what it’s going for. I’ve had people tell me that they like buying from me because I always have everything priced. Hell, the other vendors might quote them the same price I have it after going to PPG, but because I did my homework ahead of time, mine will sell first (also, free protector).

  8. Yes, some Funko exclusives sell out fast because of bots, and during convention releases, the Funko website can go down and make you lose out on that one POP that will jump to $100. It happens. However, more often than not, what ends up happening is a race to the bottom. People will start selling the exclusive as a presale online, and as more people join in, they start undercutting each other. By the time the POP ships out and is in people’s hands, the price might be a few dollars above what you would pay after shipping and taxes. This is when you buy! Once the undercutters die out, the POP will go back up. It’s rare that an exclusive POP maintains its high value quickly out of the gate.

Until next time!


I wasn’t going to leave you hanging! Here are some POP lines that I think are good pick-ups and holds:

  • Demon Slayer - You can find them between $15-$20. They easily sell for $40 at shows.
  • Eddie Van Halen - He’s in his classic jumpman pose with the iconic guitar! (Not released yet)
  • Neo - The original Neo POP based on the first movie is almost above $100. While polarizing, collectors and newcomers will flock to the more affordable M4trix Neo. It’ll only be more affordable for so long.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Monsters - We all loved Yu-Gi-Oh! as kids, right? Don’t collect the humans. Whenever you see one of the monsters, pick them up! They sell well at card shows.
  • Fire Force - an anime based on firefighters! They are slowly trickling out to stores.
  • Oscar De La Hoya - one of the best pound-for-pound fighters and a Mexican-American icon.
  • Julio Cesar Chavez - same as Oscar. Fight nights for either of them were always packed.
  • All Elite Wrestling - Funko doesn’t have the license yet, but when they do, hang on! AEW is quickly grabbing all of the hardcore wrestling fans that WWE is leaving behind.
  • Paw Patrol - I mentioned them before. No license yet, but THESE will be hot.
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Have a three year old daughter. Can confirm.

The problem here is probably licensing. Paw Patrol was created by Spin Master, a toy company. I think they probably want 100% monopoly on their most lucrative IP.

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Im trying to figure out the point of this thread…

I see no funkos heating up


I threw a few examples in the reply to my post. I wanted the main post to be a general introduction for those that have always thought about getting into the POP flipping game but were hesitant due to some of the complexities.

I’ll also throw up links to preorders as I see them.


Here’s another good one. People pre-ordered the 10" Charizard hoping to get it by December. It’s been delayed twice so far. However, Target stores have been receiving them. If you’re lucky, you can come across one and double your money. If you’re worried about shipping costs, you can easily sell it at a show.

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Here a few current in-stock exclusives that are good buys:

If you have Hot Cash or coupons (Hot Topic always gives them out like candy), Hex Girls are a good hold for next Halloween.

The reanimated corpse of Madara was a fearsome force to Naruto. This one is perfect for anime lovers that visit your booth.

I think this came back in stock. Worth going through the check out process. Demon Slayer has sold over 80 million copies of its manga.

Perfect for horror fans and horror conventions.

Back in stock. I think also at a discount.

This Jimi has not sold out, but anything Hendrix always hits $50 later.

Collectors love GIDT POPs. Also, it’s Kevin Nash. Double-whammy.

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I dabble in Funko still. I used to mess with them more but not nearly as much. I approve of you using, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” for some examples. Great show.


Good write up! Used to be big into pops when they did the weekly Wednesday shop releases, still have a bunch of them (stupor duck, speedy Gonzales, Funkoween Batman, etc), so many omg, just never had time to list them. Did sell a Taika Waititi one for $120 in December though. I agree with the sentiment that they are kinda overproduced now, especially with no more limited number items.

That Speedy Gonzalez is a legit grail! Starting at $360 according to PPG.

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Here’s a good POP to pair with that Powerloader:

Here’s an interesting gamble for those that want it. This Great Garloo POP was exclusive to ECCC 2021, and you could only get it in person. It was also limited to only 1,000 pieces. Yet, it’s selling for way below $100.

There are other grail POPs that have had a higher limited run (think 1,500 or 2,000 or even 3,00) and they sell for $300 or more. I think grabbing this POP at $60 (and if you’re lucky, maybe even $50) is a steal!

Now, will this spike in price once supplies run out? I mean, maybe. It’s only limited to 1,000 pieces. Even if kids are not familiar with who The Great Garloo is, the fact that it’s so limited will attract future whales and impulse buyers who “need” every limited, small run piece.

Of interest, here are glow in the dark cases:


What is the criteria for a ‘Pop’ to become a grail?


Usually, it depends on the fandom. Many POPs are considered grail when they hit $100. Not to be mean, but I look at grail books that I want to own, and they’re easily in the 5 figure range. But hey, different collectors.

I’ll see many posts where people drop a bill or two on their personal grail.

Aside from the limited con exclusive POPs, common POPs can become grails once they are vaulted and no longer in circulation.

Here’s one for the Disney/Pixar fans. Luca came out over the summer straight to Disney Plus. It didn’t have a huge theatre run, but it did develop a lot of fans (as Pixar films often do).

There were a few POPs made for it, and what started off as a mild success is now quickly heating up!

Luca’s human and monster form both seem to be approaching $30

Alberto’s monster form seems to still be retail price, but his human form is sneaking past $20

Giulia’s POP seems to be around $10 + shipping, but it is the only way to get the cat, Machiavelli

Usually when the other POPs start approaching those $30 marks, the lone $10 starts rising as collectors collect the whole set.

They only made these 5 POPs, and there haven’t been any exclusives (yet). Like I previously said, the movie was a mild success, but it seems to be picking up steam recently as more kids went back and binged the Disney catalog over the winter break. Plus, since you only need 5 POPs to complete the current set, that makes it an enticing entry point for many families. You can probably still find these POPs at retail price or close to retail price at shows and stores. The holding potential is there for this movie.

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“Luca,” was a cute flick.

Speaking of cute, we may not talk about Bruno, but money sure does!

This POP is slowly trickling out to stores. Preorders at shops are most certainly sold out, but if you’re lucky, you might score one at Gamestop or Target.

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I’d bet I’ve watched Encanto 50x now with my grand-daughter. I can def see those becoming popular.
She is mesmerized by it. Those darned songs (while cute) are some mighty ear worms lol.

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The narrative structure of that movie is highly suspect.

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