Future CHU Teaser Giveaway to Win a CHU Sticker


Here you all go, a sort of giveaway to get ideas for another giveaway…

So what’s the future book we plan to give away?

Yes, that’s right. It’s the 1 Per Store Absolute Carnage Variant. Okay so it’s only [selling for around $40 on the secondary market](selling for around $40 on the secondary market) while Midtown is trying to offload it at $212.50.

But you’re not getting this book yet. Let’s come up with some ideas of how to give this book away to a lucky winner.

The person with the best idea that we choose will receive one of our early proof CHU stickers we had made.

So, this is not a giveaway to win the Absolute Carnage variant but a contest to setup the next contest.

This one will be different, pitch as many ideas you have, no limit on entries per person and the best idea that we pick and choose will get the awesome CHU sticker for their great idea.


How about a form of bracket challenge? Set up a bracket of best covers of the year…and let CHU readers submit their brackets.

Then day by day set up polls for CHU readers to vote on the best cover for each matchup…then as books are eliminated and the champion is crowned whomever had the best bracket wins.

I know it’s a little complicated…but once it’s set up it goes smooth. Having the brackets in spreadsheet form really helps.

I used to run brackets like this for college sports like lacrosse, baseball, hockey and even World Cup soccer at work for fun.

Might be more fun during March madness.


Have people submit a screenshot of their best BAD comic art? I mean this as in those of us with almost no art-skills can still make a cool fan-art piece (of whoever the main characters are for a contest) and supply it? I can probably draw a terrible Carnage…

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Design the variant CHU sticker? At least a 1:25 variant.


I tried the art challenge once for a Rick and Morty book… we got like 8 people to enter. Seems most just want to put their name in the hat and not put any more effort than that. :frowning:


I say a scavenger hunt!

But I feel like its been done before.
Maybe with a twist.
One of those Where the items on the list are more open to interpretation. Best/funniest responses win?

Maybe an idea for a CHU MASCOT?!

A contest where CHU members give their (physical) LCS a shoutout- it could give a better sense of community and realness- which some will be opposed to (anonymity and such are important to some folks) but for anyone looking to hit up new shops it could help a plethora of folks.

A number game?
Where CHUers have to guess a number?
Or CHU members need to do a certain number of sequential comments to win?
Would be fun to see some order among my fellow people.


I liked the art contest. Was fun. If you ever do another, I’m goin all out!

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Symbiote cos-play…Anyone who dresses up as their own unique sybiote gets entered into the drawing. Doesn’t have to be great cos play…You could wear a Spiderman mask with an Einstein wig and dump Spaghetti-O’s all over your face and call it a day…Just needs to be something that an elderly person with poor eyesight and no idea what a Marvel Symbiote is could identify as a… I lost my train of thought.

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I say have a question related from ASM #361 about Carnage in that issue.


Is the answer Carnage?


How about a What If Challenge ? In the tradition of Marvel Comics What If ? Have entrants come up with a unique / humerous What If Title Tag Line as if pitching a new What If Comic Book sponsored by Comics Heating Up. Most original / witty selected by CHU panel as winner.
For example: What If Donald Trump instead of Anthony did the weekly speculation Video ? Pontius POTUS thumbs up great reads & throws troublesome variants to the lions. Orange is the new Carnage !


Maybe a dream book - what creators doing what project? Kind of a what if of books you would want to see


To enter a contest you submit what you think will be the best flip of the week. Only picking one book. Then random drawing with the people who picked the right book

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Simple. Name/list ALL the Symbiotes in the Marvel Universe! Draw name of correct answers. I know it can probably be looked up, thus the tie breaker, but there are so many that people are bound to miss some.

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I loved the art contest as well…

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I’ve been thinking in my on my own of new symbiote names. How about submit the name of the newest symbiote in the MCU (hypothetically of course). Top 10 or 20 entries get voted on by the CHU community.


Best theory of who Dylan Brock is, who he becomes in the future, what his symbiote name will be…

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Simple 10 question quiz.


Post a pic of a hand drawn CHU with url and #comicsheatingup. Also on paper, sell your soul to Mephisto.

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Arm wrestling contest, over the top!

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Simply post a picture of your favorite cover with carnage on it to enter. Winner picked at random.

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