Future Pickups Kaiju Score #1

So thanks to @Comp82 for this information, Kaiju Score has already been optioned and as far as I can tell has been rushed to production months before the first issue even releases. With Autumnal reaching high prices off the same scenario optioned before release, this may be worth a preorder. Releases from Aftershock comics on November 25.

The Kaiju Score #1

Book doesnt come out until November. Releasing media deal news before FOC kills all heat on the book

But it certainly boosts the sales for the creators… :wink:

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I’m looking for a new comic store to preorder from and I see TOSS is now speculating, so I’ll be skipping them.

I do all of my preorders for my stuff from TFAW. Their packaging isn’t the best I’ve seen, but their service is top notch.

Wait what??!? Is he really selling cover A for $20 before FOC ?

This guy is right down the street from me. I should go smack him for being that stupid


Screw that. Still less than cover At TFAW

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