Future Pickups Kaiju Score #1

So thanks to @Comp82 for this information, Kaiju Score has already been optioned and as far as I can tell has been rushed to production months before the first issue even releases. With Autumnal reaching high prices off the same scenario optioned before release, this may be worth a preorder. Releases from Aftershock comics on November 25.

The Kaiju Score #1

Book doesnt come out until November. Releasing media deal news before FOC kills all heat on the book

But it certainly boosts the sales for the creators… :wink:

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I’m looking for a new comic store to preorder from and I see TOSS is now speculating, so I’ll be skipping them.

I do all of my preorders for my stuff from TFAW. Their packaging isn’t the best I’ve seen, but their service is top notch.

Wait what??!? Is he really selling cover A for $20 before FOC ?

This guy is right down the street from me. I should go smack him for being that stupid


Screw that. Still less than cover At TFAW

Just read this, it was really good actually in my opinion. Ill admit I had prejudices before when I heard the solicit, but this first issue was great had a good spy setup and I’m definitely interested in learning why this world has Kaiju, why they just live side by side with them, and of course the heist itself! They even include a neat little “Kaiju survival guide” at the end of the issue. I can see why this was optioned early.

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Yeah, I agree. I enjoyed it more than I thought it would, and the actual little touches like the survival guide and the thought into things like WHY the kaiju was coming to the city were a nice touch I didn’t expect.

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I liked it too!

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Someone just bought a 1:15 from me

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But it was already optioned before the book was announced it’s not really new


Tell that to all the silly creatures now paying $$$ because KCC just announced it!



Lol I was on a walk, saw the KC notification, then got notifications from eBay :rofl:

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Yeah, I’m watching Agent Carter with a friend and got the eBay note. Books sat since the first issue came out. Can’t complain even if I guess I undersold.

Edit: maybe I’ll list my set. This was a great mini, regardless.

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I have to dig out the issues I have. I was going to list them a couple of months ago but didn’t see any selling.

Had my extra issues in my, “Wait for it to possibly heat/reheat,” shortbox. Time to list…

Niceee, I have the cover A and the 1:15 for this title. Enjoyed the story alot too.

On the other hand, this is extremely good news an Aftershock comic got picked up, good news for their other comic series that are great…cough We Live cough.