Future State Bundle Deal

I’m quite interested in Future State but buying all the issues with no discount or a minimal one does not really appeal to me. I was debating calling/emailing some of the stores I’ve dealt with online or asking some of the store-folk that hang around here if they were going to offer a special Future State bundle where if we order every single issue we get a chunky discount like 30% or 35%. Does TFAW ever do such a thing @Brendon or would you consider doing that @PCKComics? That, or does anyone have a recommendation of a store that might do it? I’ve had some good experiences with State of Comics, Poor Boy Comics, and others. I just want me a good bundle deal or I may have to pass on Future State!

I’m not sure what you’re asking, since 30% off is the discount we always do for pre-FOC comic orders, and none of the Future State titles appear to be price locked.

As for bundles we’re looking at doing it for single titles releasing on the same day (mainly in cases where buying X copies lets people get the incentives at cover price), but bundles where products span multiple weeks is just asking for lots of headaches with cancellations and returns/refunds and adjusting prices.

I didn’t realize it was already 30%! That is awesome. I see what you mean about multiple weeks as well. Sorry if I was confusing.

Similar answer for us as well. All of our pre-FOC orders 25% off automatically + we have the rewards program that can really add up. We had done large bundles like this for a larger % off in the past, but just as Brendon mentioned, it almost always turned into a huge hassle.

I am 99% sure M&M Comics will have a bundle for this. Just waiting for him to get November Previews up on Sunday and compare prices to Tfaw and others. I actually ordered a King in Black bundle from them and I am sure he will have a Marvel vs Aliens bundle that I will order.


I’m guessing you also got the people who think they discovered an unknown loophole of getting the early books then cancelling and keeping the full discount on the refund? :stuck_out_tongue:

DCBS will almost surely have some sort of bundle as well. They’re just slow to update their site (usually around the 5th of the month) and as mentioned elsewhere on the forum, they’re about to get severely tested by taking all of DC’s distribution. :weary:

That was definitely one of the issues. There was another similar one that I am not going to mention because I do not want to give anyone ideas, but needless to say, people will do whatever they can to try to get free stuff at the cost of a business!

Yea I was not talking about bundles for an entire event. The King in Black Bundle I got was for issue 1 + 2 plus tie-ins plus all non incentive variants. I don’t know anyone who sells bundles for an entire event before the pre-orders are even out. As Brendon and PKC have said, that just leads to problems.

*edit- The bundles were also 40% off so it was a deeper discount than ordering just single issues which are usually 20-30% off