Galactus haslab marvel legends!

Less is more… My goal within the next 10 years (around the time kids will definitely be off to college or on their own) is when I plan to have almost nothing but the bare necessities in life. To go off and make memories instead of collecting stuff that just sits around the house.

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Yup, I totally understand the itch to collect all the figures, but like you I realized that one more figure isn’t going to make or break me. I try to stick to the “essentials” of the theme I have going. So with McFarlane DC (the majority of my figures) I have comic versions of Batman :bat:, Superman :man_superhero:, Flash :zap:, Nightwing, and Damien Wayne Robin. My theme is Justice League / Bat Family. I also have Arkham Asylum Joker :black_joker:. The only figure that doesn’t fit the theme is Red Death, but I only have him because he came with Flash. I’m looking for John Stewart Green Lantern and I won’t pick up any other figures until he releases comic book versions of Aquaman and Cyborg. Snyderverse figures don’t fit or match everything else I have displayed.

My only other theme I have going is a Thanos / Cates Corner. I have the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos from Marvel Legends that comes with King Thanos head from Thanos Wins. I plan on expanding it to include Silver Surfer Black and Cosmic Ghost Rider if I can find them for a decent price, maybe Knull if he is released but again I’ll stick with the Cates theme (as that is primarily what I read over at Marvel).

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I have this conversation with myself every time a new Hot Toys Star Wars figure is announced. Right now I have Commander Cody and Season 1 Mando. I’ve had many before, but always ended up selling them because the aftermarket prices always outweighed my enjoyment of them on the shelf.

This week when Repaint Boba with Throne was announced I had to remind myself I have Clone Wars Season 7 and Rex on pre-order. That will fill my available space. My need to click preorder quickly fades after remembering that.

I mostly collect dragon ball Z SH figuarts and some Marvel Legends for characters I like, some dabbling in the power rangers hasbro toys

The dabble always gets me.

Looks great, but way too expensive for me. I mean I could but I cant spend that much on a figure.

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I will have to skip. If I had been collecting the Marvel action figures It would have to been a must. As it is right now I only have been picking up a few of the new Star Wars toys. Mainly the Mandalorian figures. I pre-ordered the Falcon Crest ship last year. I will put the ship and some of the Mandalorian figures in a glass cabinet for display. I am selling off some of my “Stuff” over the next 4 years before I move again.

a week left and I committed my $400. It just looks too sweet, and I just got a bonus check.

Still needs another 850 backers, but I’m sure that’ll happen in the final days. Unfortunately, probably won’t unlock the Frankie Raye (Nova) or Silver Surfer add-ons.

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We knew this, but he is very large:


The size of a toddler

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Just looked and saw that both Nova and Silver Surfer stretch goals were unlocked with 3 days left.

Wonder if there’s any chance of another stretch goal … I’d sure love an updated Terrax

Galactus has the hunger of a toddler too. They vacuum all the snacks/planets up!

I’m actually not sure how much my toddler eats. She’s a whirling dervish casting food off in all directions. I don’t think much makes it in her mouth.

Final stretch goal: Alternate Dr. Doom head.


oh that’s amazing - so glad I backed this

Probably purchasing one or two before it ends in the next day. Was able to resist but now with Nova and Surfer that will display in his hands I can no longer sit back and not buy one.

Haslab sure has cornered the Kickstarter-wannabe market on “over-priced collectibles”…


Looks like the Doom head and Morg are unlocked. Getting 3 heralds and 3 heads

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I just ordered mine

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It’s something that will make an amazing centerpiece for a display. I think I like the grimace face better than the standard, zombie or doom.

I’ve got the Legends Thing (which is heavy and amazing) but now I’ll have to get the rest of the FF.