Galactus haslab marvel legends!

Star Wars Black Series will get a bucket of “Tatooine sand.”

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FFF needs to be re-released and that would be the best route to get it done, I think.

JTC did the box art. It’s really beautiful!


Galactus has some friends waiting. Also have a Thanos and Cosmic Ghost Rider to make my Galactus diorama space battle.


the new marvel haslab is announced Friday, im thinking a marvel legends blackbird jet
notice the “fire up your engines” at the top

It’s Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider and Hellcharger


I wish a Blackbird but I imagine that would scale huge since there’s 8 seats in the cockpit.


A bunch of retailers are getting their Herald of Thunder Thor in but mine preordered at Amazon isn’t coming until Oct. Very odd.

I saw a Hawkeye Infinity Ultron for sale on line, my order says March 2023 for my Infinity Ultron BAF wave except she hulk is October 22 and Sharon Carter is November 22.

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Your package from HASBRO HTS-CHINO is on its way.


Got mine yesterday! Love everything about it. My son wanted to put the skull faceplate on, and after putting it on I realized it was super hard to take off (the other faceplates have a nose that you can use to grip, but not the skull one).
I need to track down a Firelord now once it goes on sale.


Don’t forget Herald of Thunder Thor ans Cosmic Ghost Rider.

Any of you other Galactus owners could tell me how to get the Silver Surfer hand to work? Having a ton of trouble trying to figure it out and of course no instructions. Every time I put surfer on his hand surfer falls or the wave stand falls out the hand.

I beleieve Surfer fits in right hand and Frankie in the left. The purple “wave” fits over thumb.

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I’ve found that the stand fits on Galactus’ left hand. The stand has a small tab in the front that fits in between the pointer and middle fingers and the sides of the stand for over the palm of Galactus’ left hand. See pics for reference.
In any case the stand doesn’t really fit securely there as much as it balances there (the hand has to stay mostly parallel to the ground or the stand will fall off)

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