Gambit in the MCU?

Does anyone have thoughts on the possibility of Gambit one day joining the MCU? We know that Feige ultimately plans to bring the X-Men in, so presumably Gambit will join one day as well.

Gambit’s first appearance has maintained its value despite the character being relatively quiet in recent years. IMO prices have stayed up mostly on the back of nostalgia and will be capped by involvement in the MCU. I feel as though he was at peak popularity in the 90s.

If I’m not mistaken, he’s an Omega level mutant which I understand to be pretty powerful. Meaning the MCU could make him look very cool / powerful if they wanted to.

Rewatching the 90’s cartoons, the whole Cajun angle/accent is somewhat striking. I feel as though the MCU would need to downplay that somewhat, but what do I know. His design aesthetic is also very 90s but still super cool and very workable for 2020 and beyond. Anyone have ideas on how Gambit would fit into the MCU?

A related, rhetorical, question that occurs to me is where in their publishing history would you draw the X-Men from for the MCU? If it’s the most current Hickman X-verse, then Gambit would definitely show up in Excalibur if that team made the movie big leagues. Since the old movies mined many of the major stories of the past, I wonder if they’ll wait until the Dawn of X stuff has enough legs to link up with the MCU?

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I think it’s a given that both he and Rogue will arrive at some point, although perhaps at different times. It could take several years, though.

The X-men will appear in the MCU eventually. Thats a fact.
It’s silly to think they wont.

I really like Gambit.

One thing I would hope for…and this applies to Hollywood in general as it relates to future comic based movies.
Take a chance on some less known actors and actresses! Find talent we aren’t familiar with. I feel like Hollywood wants to put in established folks as that somehow will add validity.

I believe there was once rumors for example of Chance Tatum being Gambit? Ummm…no…not at all.

I’m sure there are worthy folks out there that fit the personas we have come to know and love in the comic characters. It doesn’t have to be forced.


Exactly, so I remember hearing this and thinking. But that’s not Gambit, that’s Channing Tatum. Gambit is less bulky and I really don’t want to hear Tatum’s Cajun accent.

My memory is failing me a bit rn, was Gambit simply left out of all the Hugh Jackman X-Men movies? Personally, my most memorable X-Men period was Jim Lee’s X-Men and the X-Men cartoon. Not saying that was the best X-Men, just saying I find it the most exciting.

Gambit’s superpower of charging objects and cool edgy demeanor plays very well for the MCU imo

If Channing Tatum plays Gambit, they already lost and the movie/character will be certainly doomed and ruined forever… possibly one of the worst actors ever.

Hey now, Tatum is solid in the Jump Street and Magic Mike flicks!

So you aren’t interested in hearing Magic Mike’s Cajun accent?

He probably can’t wait to wear pink under a trench coat with a popped collar.

I haven’t seen many Tatum movies. I’m mostly indifferent to him although I think he fit 21 Jump Street well. He’s in “This is the End,” but only briefly. With that in mind, he’s not Gambit imo

Just watch Jupiters Ascending… one of the worst movies ever… it was so bad, it was one of the first movies I ever saw at a theater where I almost got up and walked out it was that horrible and might of asked for my money back. It was pretty much so awful, myself and the group watching it decided to stay just to see if it got any worse… which it did.

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That movie being bad has little to do with Tatum though.

That’s true but he certainly didn’t help…

If for some reason Channing Tatum was cast by Marvel as Gambit I would have to trust it. They have not really given me a reason to question their casting decisions yet

They casting him would make me start questioning their casting departments… :wink:

The possibility of a Tatum casting is singlehandedly suppressing the value of X-Men 266 rn. It would be upwards of $1K otherwise! I’m assuming they’ll re-enact the first cover appearance on screen with Tatum and Beyonce as Storm

Hemsworth has been miscast as Thor since the beginning. Thor was a sight gag in the last film.

Really? Hemsworth I think nails the character… He actually makes me love Thor even more after I fell in love with Thor with Jason Aaron and Ribic’s run starting with God of Thunder…


Hemsworth IS Thor in my opinion. He also added an element of humor I wasn’t totally aware existed or could fully work with the character.

Robert Downey Jr used to annoy me a bit as Iron Man, but over the course of the Avengers movies, he’s really become who I understand to be Iron Man. In my mind Hemsworth is just as much Thor

Yeah, if they ever replace them, they set the bar super high. Same with Chris Evans with Captain America.

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