Geiger #1

Anybody else interested in this? I am curious to see what Johns and Frank can do other than screwing with DC and Watchmen continuity. Plus, there’s a glow-in-the-dark cover and I’m a sucker for 90s gimmicks. That’s why I bought the Stray Dogs #1 acetate cover.

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I have this one added too. If you are a sucker for those gimmicks- TFAW also has Nocterra #1 glow in the dark at $1.40 preorder. I added 2 of those to the cart. Can’t beat that price.

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Nocterra #1 (Cover E - Glow in the Dark Variant) (Net)

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Thanks. I’ll learn to do that when I mention these eventually.

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Theoretically wooky’s link takes you there but I figured a direct link doesn’t hurt either… :wink:

I work best theoretically.

It’s funny how all these links go through sharesale-analytics. :yum:

Affiliate… if you click and end up buying, small portions help keep CHU running and pays the bills.

@Stan , Poyo is also skimming some of the affiliate pennies to save up for a new bucket with a lid. That way his working corner in Tony’s basement will be slightly less noxious.


Ssshhh… don’t tell @Anthony such things… he doesn’t believe in upgrading my working conditions…

Yes, there are a lot of people who charge to be in their spec groups. We do not. However, there is a significant greater cost of running the website and the forum (averaging over 16,000 views a day, plus lots of storage for all the comments) vs running a facebook group on a free platform that they charge you for. You never have to click our links, they are pass, even if you do, you do not have to purchase anything. But I can say at the beginning of the month when the bills come due for the hosting, storage, and all the other costs of running a free site, it is nice to have those few pennies to put towards it.

But we are very open about it. There are disclaimers here and on the main site that say clicking the links that result in purchases may result in us getting a small commission.

I know some of the other Facebook groups look to make this a negative, but you are not paying someone $4 a month to post the same stuff you get here for free. And again, no one has to click the links nor buy anything from the places linked to.


He already knows. The lid is just going to give him an excuse to empty it less often.

Hear me
They should make this glow in the dark


I call on you, all mighty Google, make this known and happen.


Yup. You are under zero obligation to click any link and buy. We will never tell you to “click this link” so we get paid… you buy if you are genuinely interested in the product being linked to.

Same goes for ads being displayed. We hope most do not block ads and we try our best to make sure they never annoy you (like pop ups and video ads that pop up, some spec sites have a crap ton… cough bleedingstool… cough cough…), if you ever see an annoying ad, please do tell us as we can have them removed and never display again. But ads help pay the bills as well.


I have it added on my TFAW pull.

This is a killer cover!

Hey Anthony, I was just finding humor at Poyo’s comment about posting a direct link under Wooky’s link. Please don’t think I was doing it out of disrespect. I love what you guys do here and am happy to do things which help you be successful. In fact, if there is a way that I can post links when I comment about certain books and you guys get the affiliate credit, I am more than happy to do so. I know the internet is full of trolls, but I guarantee you I am not one of them.

I’m sorry if my humor caused you guys to feel you needed to defend yourself or the site. Sincerely not my intent.


I try and do all my preorders @tfaw using links here. Actually I’m going to be sure everything I order goes through a link here. This place has turned me on to so many books I wouldn’t known about otherwise and it’s free. I suggest others do the same. As any books you order through a link here count. Not just the linked book any others you order as well.


Good to know. I spend $200-$300 per month at TFAW, so if I can help the site get a cut of that, I will.

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