Gemini Mailers

Anything close to $1.00 for a mailer is way too high.

It’s all about buying in bulk… To really bring the costs down.

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Absolutely, but when shipping is factored in, most mailers are far too much.

Where do you find the item on their website? Not listed under comic supplies.

Yea they are under comic supplies. It’s like the 4th item down but here is the direct link to the order page for the mailers

FYI 140 is the magic number .35 cents each plus shipping is like $40. Makes the cost very affordable. I buy them 140 at a time.


We were looking at switching to these, but for us they are more expensive than Gemini Mailers because the shipping is insane to California.
150 Gemini Mailers - $74.95 + $21.29 Shipping = $96.24
140 CSP - $49.60 + $68.64 Shipping = $117.64

Yeah, I bet location is key as well.

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That was not the shop I was going to. I went to Matt’s Comics and Cards, lol. Out of Enfield,CT…was wondering why Anthony said they ship from NY…but they did recently move from NYC.

Thanks for the Link!

I’m just getting tired of going to Costco and BJs and slicing up free cardboard Boxes. They get some real rugged material…but with COVID and I already don’t have free time to even read comics these days…, $40 sounds very tempting. Wish some of you’s lived close by we could split an order…

I still have over a hundred in my basement from my last Matt’s order.

Actually, 35 cents x $140 = $49. Shipping is $21. Total is $70.

Not terrible at 50 cents per box…but not $40 shipped.

Thinking I’ll order 50…that’s coming up as $33 shipped, or 65 cents ea.

You can get all the supplies you need from USPS for free… Except tape.

The priority mail envelopes you can turn inside out to use for first class or media mail. I do it all the time.

We’ve been through this. I don’t like that flimsy cardboard…I use stuff 3-4x as thick. I can protect a comic in 12oz or less packaging as you can in 1 Lbs or less of that stuff.

Plus media mail is subject to search if the USPS suspects its being abused…they’re bad enough with how they handle the package…I don’t need them taking it apart for examination…and if they do they’ll hit you or your buyer with extra charges. It’s happened recently to me…not worth the hassle/risk. My opinion.

I have not seen any drop in sales from switching to first class. I think I sell more as I don’t automatically lose customers who are scared off media mail shipping. And I only charge a $1 more ($3.49 vs. $4.49 media mail vs first class up to 12 oz.)

And if they catch you using their priority mail supplies inappropriately, they’ll wack you for that too.

Just saying it comes with risk.

I can get mine around 12 to 13 ounces. I just add a few more pieces just for extra protection. If you pack good, I dont think they inspect.

I think those who use comic mailers and then use media mail are more likely to get inspected, particularly when the mailers have comic related stuff written on them or from address is comic related. If I ever do get inspected, I’ll cover the cost for the buyer but I have almost 1000 feedback and probably another 200-300 that haven’t left feedback… Never had a comic damaged in transit using USPS cardboard… I’m just awesome… AWESOME! YOU HEAR ME? AWESOME :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

drive up here , i will sell you mailers.

I think the price in gas kind of negates the savings, unfortunately.

Just found this out for myself when I went to the website to order some mailers from Matts. They want $45.24 for shipping of 150 mailers which really just deletes the discount. It’s $7 cheaper for me to buy from Gemini. If I still lived in upstate NY it would be $9 cheaper from Matts though

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