Gemini Mailers

Wasn’t sure where to post, and my apologies if there is a post already. Keep getting calls while searching.

Does anyone have a site they recommend buying Gemini Mailers from? Looking for a reliable place that ships somewhat timely for a reasonable price.

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t tried these guys yet, but probably will. This is from CHU head honcho Anthony:

You can get this on Amazon. Its not Gemini but you get free shipping.

They have a bunch of different sizes and designs to fit your needs just search Gemini comic mailer on Amazon.

I fully recommend Matts Baseball. I order 140 at a time.


I just buy mine from Gemini direct:

Same here. I usually get my order within 5 business days. You can also google a coupon code and get 10% off your order.

Buy directly from Gemini. They ship super fast and are the best price.

I get mine shipped for under .50 each from Matt’s baseball and I get them next day. Seriously, next day. They ship from New York fedex and I usually order on Monday morning and have them Tuesday afternoon.

Delivery that’s almost as fast as a baseball flying through the air!

I’ll see myself out…

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OK so it looks like you can get 150 mailers for $75, or 50cents each.

How much does it typically cost to ship a comic? I’m assuming that USPS is the cheapest? Do you folks use any packing materials in or around the Gemini? Or just a bag and board and then placed inside the Gemini pocket?

Thanks all!

USPS is the cheapest option unless you got a UPS or FedEx account and you do a lot of high volume shipping with them.

As for packing materials, always add some extra buffering around the comic, cardboard edges so it takes the hit if dropped, thrown, etc. I use USPS large flat rate boxes and cut them into the sizes I need and sandwich the comic between 2-3 layers on each side.

1 comic with total 6 layers of USPS cardboard in a gemini mailer usually comes to 13-16oz. I normally ship Media Mail to make the cost lower and it’s going to be $2.80 currently up to 1 pound. $3.33 up to 2 lbs. If it’s 2-4 comics, you can normally keep it under 2lbs with adequate protection.

If a book is $50 or more, I only do USPS flat rate envelope and I still use flat rate boxes cut up into the size that fits to sandwich the book.

Buy yourself a ton of painters tape. It holds well and it’s still easy for the reciever to remove. Never use scotch tape. It gets hard and extra sticky in the heat (during transit)… As long as you got a few CM to an inch around the comic with cardboard buffer edge and the books don’t slide around, you’re good to go. I’ve never had a comic damaged during transit… and I’ve shipped thousands of comics since I started selling back in 2014-2015.

Now, let me go knock on wood to keep my good track record going… :wink:


THANK YOU, POYO! I appreciate your insight!

I use the tyvek envelopes from usps. Put the comic in and double fold. Tape them to the inside of the Gemini. Secure the Gemini closed. Label on. And away it goes.

Yeah, I use those as well for multiple books.

Thank you everyone, I appreciate all the info and tips!

And if you can’t find a coupon code, I believe GEMINI5 code will always knock 5% off your orders.

Ok so people are saying they buy Gemini mailers from Matts but they are Gemini knockoffs with the same design. This is fine but I was confused. They aren’t actually Gemini mailers. They are called CSP mailers on Matts website and they are cheaper for sure. Not sure if the quality is the same as I have never used them but will check them out next time I have to order. Every penny saved is a penny more profit.

I use the csp from Matt’s and have had no problems.

I just ordered from Matt’s and had a few actual Gemini mailers so I could compare. They are both the same thickness, exact same design and folding. The gemini does feel a little more rigid, but you should be adding extra cardboard on the inside anyways so that should make up for any difference. I got 50 from Matt’s for $40 where that same $40 only gets 25 from Gemini direct (without the codes mentioned above).

Someone should do some damage tests with all these different mailers…

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