Gleason Carnage Black White And Blood #1 web head virgin variant speculation

Pat hasn’t stated the print numbers on this yet.

I liked the original web head covers & then the venom and then the 2nd & 3rd prints now I’m feeling some burnout from these BUT I’ll still be picking up two, keep one flip one

What’s everyones thoughts on this?

Edit- dropping at 12 noon central time

Will probably have no limit and sell out at 1 minute but you can get them from the shop who bought 20 for $400 each


Zero interest.

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Glad it’s only trades for me.

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ASM #55 was way better, but I will probably get a regular non-store variant for my set.

I got the trade. Was lucky enough to get the Venom. Not even trying for these. This definitely sounds like a stimulus grab. He waited long to reveal this one.

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All editions are sold out on Gleason’s website.

Thanks, but I’m liking the trade dress for $3.49


Me, too! I’ve got mine ordered from my LCS.

I ran across a Spider-Man cover that already used the webbing idea long before this guy milked it for everything it’s worth.


Photo would help… or issue #

I am also interested in this, what book?

Yeah, Alana, do tell!

It’s Marco Fontanili’s work that was ripped off.

If you have facebook.

Here are the pictures

On Facebook he says:
"Just now I told a very funny story on my Instagram profile, I want to repay it here on Facebook to know yours.

Today, while enjoying my 10 minute break from work, I came across the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man (coming out in December, from what I understand) that you can see below. As soon as I saw her I thought, ′′ Wow! Reminds me of something…

Of course, it looks just like that set of boards I sent to Marvel that really liked!" (I’ll leave these here attached to the post).

What do I do: laugh or blaspheme? Let me know ❤

EDIT: I’m also writing it here in the post, Marvel liked the boards very much and they found them very interesting. Unmarketable though.

And thankfully, I would add."

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Not sure how many The Comic Mint bought, but they’re selling them at double what Gleason was asking. No shame.


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Yep there’s that and a Spider-Man cover can’t remember what book I thought I took a picture the whole trade dress is web lettering and has a spider dangling tales up half the cover. But it’s really hard to go back and find it since there’s 1000s of Spider-Man books.

@Alana …I believe that was the old Web of SpiderMan trade dress. The irony. Lol.


If anyone thinks that using ‘webs’ in an artistic impression featuring Spider-Man, a character that has been around for nearly 60 years, is new, I’m sure the idea has been thought of and conceptualized many, many times before, by a myriad of artists, in the multitude of ideas that are created every day for the SpiderMan books that come out out every week. Nobody is stealing anyone’s ideas here. Spider-Man being drawn with spiders and webs is not a ground breaking concept.
M2c. :man_shrugging:

Eg. Toddfather’s infamous Spider-Man #1 cover essentially features the same webs and silhouetted spiders as Fontanili and Gleason’s work.

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Has anyone done a Batman made of bats yet?