Gleason curse of the man thing

Here we go…


This is getting crazy…

I posted a few weeks back: Watch for a Captain America made of little stars, Dr. Strange out of Eyes of Agamotto, and Hulk with a bunch of little hulk fists…I’m starting to think it’s gonna happen…sheesh…

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I’m gonna find a image of Gleason and make a cover in his new style of him… picking his nose… with wads of cash in the background…


But this doesn’t make sense. The first was a web spun by a spider. In case anybody can’t keep up, that’s because the character was Spider-Man. Carnage and Venom were a little stretch because they don’t technically use webs but symbiote tendrils. Man-Thing has nothing to do with webs. Maybe if this more resembled hanging moss or whatever type of flora you find in the jungle, but this is just rote. It seems obvious how he could have adapted this style to fit the substance of Man-Thing, but he didn’t.


I love Gleason, but he needs to move on. This might be editorial asking him to do it hoping to increase sales. Hard pass from me.

To be fair they kind of look like vines/roots to me more than webs.

But yeah, more could have been done to make it different even if it’s just making more texture or thicker lines or something.


Maybe I’m being too harsh. I guess there are some “vines” hanging in the right direction with a little gravity to them:

I just think if you want people to think of it as more than a gimmick, you should work the premise a little. Don’t make it such an obvious derivative work, but something that could stand on its own. I feel like this cover will only make sense in context with ASM 55.

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I didn’t think you could be derivative of yourself. I was wrong.

A bit more effort and this could’ve been much better than the Spider-Man covers.


I feel like they asked him for a ‘web head style cover’ and he just thought ‘yeah you won’t be asking for another one after this’

It’s Marvels way it does well once they beat you to death with it for years like venomized variants


You see a Manthing cover I see an Elephant with red eyes😜

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Star Wars: Max Rebo #1 coming soon!

Don’t put that out there, man! Don’t make the practical, sensible part of my brain fight the Star Wars fan in my brain.

meh, another homage to Picasso’s light drawings. Stick with the original.

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Now if only Gleason can make an homage to this photo with spider webbing…


Deep reference. Nice.

He could of at least made it look like thorny vines with leafs here and there. Right now it just looks like Tron Man-Thing.

There’s just so much he could do with the negative space that it feels incomplete. I’m just spit-balling, but maybe something M.C. Escher like this:


I’m not saying do these exact things, but at least think about it:

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