Good Sources for Previews New Ratio Variants

Just wondering what source everyone uses to preview ratio variants?

I use

But it doesn’t seem current.

A local shop here in Phoenix, Brandon’s Comics, offers incentive bundles for every book released. Allows you to buy the incentive for cover price if you buy the needed copies to earn the incentive. Because of this, he has all of the current week’s incentives posted under Mr. Bundles under Pull Boxes.

You have to join his site to see them, but even if you don’t buy anything, this site will have them all in one place and as current as they can be most weeks.

BTW, he prescreens and bags and boards every comic that comes into the store, so if you want to take advantage of a bundle, I can attest to the quality of service, I just haven’t had anything shipped since I’m local.

Brandon’s Comics

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Well, then. Let’s go Brandon, lol. Nice to see a shop that takes care in selecting comics for its customers.


I split this off from the TFAW Ratios, since it’s not about TFAW ratios they’re offering.

I tend to use Black Cape’s website for this. You can search by FOC date and sort by highest to lowest price. That usually then lists all of the incentives first. If the cover is officially released, they usually display it.

I wish League of Comic Geeks was better about incentives (and sorting). Great site, but it’s missing this.


We all know what “Let’s Go Brandon” means. Let’s not do that here.


What are the best places to find incentive covers post-FOC? Most of the places I use are great until FOC hits.