Goodbye and Farewell from

I have anxiety.

In the age of social media, I am not unique in this regard. I suppose I would argue that I differ because my generalized anxiety disorder predates the internet to when I was a child. At any rate, that doesn’t matter because the internet and social media do little to make my anxiety better and do everything to make it worse.

What this anxiety does is give me a very clear picture of my limitations. I am a human of decent intelligence, middling strength, and the same amount of hours in the day as the rest of you. I now find myself railing against the walls of those limitations.

At various times, this anxiety has manifested in different ways. At a young age it was obsession with my eating, limiting calorie intake, and exercising obsessively. Probably borderline anorexia. In college it was uncontrollable fits of impulsive behavior which eventually lead to borderline alcoholism. I’ve always been right at the very edge of something that could be diagnosed as a very serious disorder. Something threatening to my safety. This foundational part of who I am as a person has given me amazingly positive things, and also severely negative things in my life.

For those who may be curious, yes I am medicated for this and it’s probably the single factor which keeps me on the productive side of this disorder. I’d encourage anybody else struggling with this to seek out help because the other side of help is a beautiful place to be. Help can be an AA meeting, your friend or significant other taking you to a doctor to start your SSRI prescription journey, or starting with the simple step of taking a long quiet walk in nature.

Through, the CHU forums, and various social media platforms, I’ve had amazingly positive additions to my life. However, the overwhelming anxiety this online presence burdens me with is too high a price to pay. This anxiety doesn’t arise from anything anybody else is doing. It is all internal. For some reason, my brain is wired to ruminate, obsess, and drive me to tinker with this world. It’s what helps me succeed in my professional life, but it’s also what hampers my contentment.

I love comics! Specifically, Star Wars comics, but all credit to Spidey and the Batman where it’s due. I do love them too much, though. For many, comics can be a fun weekly escape. For me, though, my brain needs it to be so much more. I can’t just read, I need to analyze. I also can’t just analyze, I need to share this analysis. Once I’ve analyzed, I need to categorize (hence

This obsession leaves me with a sinking feeling of dread that I have mounting tasks left unperformed. The silliest part about it all is that that list of tasks is completely self-imposed. I can drop it at any moment and the world will be fine. Life will go on.

In a way, my anxiety of letting down my reading audience has kept me from writing this and pulling the plug for a very long time. It’s pretty self-indulgent for me to think me dropping these website responsibilities even warrants an explanation. It’s perfectly possible nobody will bat an eye or care. I think that’s unlikely because I think people are generally good and caring. At any rate, I could just drop off the scene and, barring some stray emails of concern, I’d hear very little about it. Yet, here I am typing this. I’ve had wonderful responses of encouragement and kind words from people saying how much they enjoy my site. To them, I say thank you and I’m sorry it will no longer be an up-to-date resource.

I’ve also had advice to just step away and come back. Unfortunately, the anxiety I cited above gives me a really hard time allowing weeks to lapse without an update. It’s like an on/off switch to me. It’s either regularly updated and reliable, or it’s dead. (I know, another unreasonable thought process, but it’s how my brain works).

Regarding, it remains my biggest regret from this whole internet endeavor that it goes unfinished. My intent was a completely comprehensive first appearance and key issue list for Star Wars comics specifically. I maintain that I could have accomplished that goal given enough time. That’s the crux of this whole life thing, though, isn’t it? Time is the one true unrenewable resource. We spend most of our days regretting the past or pining for the future while ignoring the slice of heaven our present reality is. At this point in my life, I would argue that what we all choose to do with our limited time is the most essential decision we make over and over again every day.

There are things I want to accomplish with my limited time and priorities have to be made. As I have alluded to, my anxiety does not generally allow me to half ass anything. Whatever my endeavors are seem to require 100% of my mental obsession. I have children who absolutely deserve that obsession and there are some things I’d selfishly like to accomplish which could benefit from that drive as well. I look forward to being blissfully unaware of whether next week’s comics have a first appearance, being ignorant to the incentive ratio of a certain variant cover I like, and continuing to enjoy all the leisurely aspects of my love of comics. (Long slow breathe out!)

So, goodbye everybody. To those truly good friends I have made, I’ll be in touch. Thank you to everybody for the fun I’ve had.

The archives of will remain. I’ll make a csv file of as it currently exists available for the public domain for free. Maybe some other young buck will pick up that torch. Maybe it will flicker and die out.



Drunk Wooky,

Thank you!

thank you for not only being so open and candid about your struggles but also for all the time, thought and care you devoted to this forum.

I, like many others you will likely hear from, also suffer from anxiety and probably a level of OCD. My experience in life may actually mirror yours (except for the Star Wars obsession). Perhaps that’s what drives our love for comics from a hobby to whatever we define this as.

I wish you many hours days and years building the best and fondest memories with your family and your children- stay well!



@drunkwooky Love you buddy. We discussed this the other day and I am sad that you are ending it. I completely understand why though. As some one who also has anxiety I know exactly what you are saying. Anyway, please stay in touch as we have not only been fellow comic fans and bloggers, but friends as well.


Mind, health and family first. Those are always the priorities. Comics are just a distraction of life, there are far more important things in life than comics and collectibles! Cheers!


@drunkwooky you are an incredible human being in so many ways. It takes incredible courage to share what you just did and I applaud you. It helps so many people who struggle with exactly what you do. To see someone they know and realize they are who is going through something similar, you feel less alone. I am one of those people continuing to struggle on how to deal with my anxiety as well. I can’t express to you how much this helps, but I have a feeling you understand too.

As for WookyWiki, your efforts were so appreciated and the work you have put in will continue to be valuable and appreciated by so many. I know you may not be here as often, but please keep in touch. You have my info.

Much love,



Best of luck to you! Family and health comes first always. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you/conversing with you.

All the best &Semper Fi


I appreciate the honesty and candidness with what you have shared with us. You have chosen the correct path my friend, family and self above all else! Comics and your friends here in these forums will always be here should you ever need an escape…cause after all…that’s why all of us here love comics! Be well and stay hairy!! :facepunch:


@drunkwooky I can not state this enough, THANK YOU, for all of the hard work. Nobody else could have done what you have. It is truly a great service to all.

I hope this is not the last time we hear from you. I wish you the best of luck.

:slightly_smiling_face: :grinning:


Drunk Wooky - what a brilliantly brave post, and what a sensible step you are taking. I work with a lot of people seeking support for anxiety, and your feelings and experiences are more common than many might think. You are doing exactly the right thing and doing it with tremendous dignity.

You have been a great regular on this site. And I have taken a number of positive actions in response to the information and ideas you have shared. You have also been kind enough to respond when I have reached out directly for some advice.

I will certainly miss your input, and the forum will be just a little ‘less than it was’ without you. However, I am sure you have everyone’s support in putting your health first.

Hope all goes great for you while you are away and look forward to hearing from you again when you are good and ready.

All the best mate.


Thank you for everything you have done and will do in your future. I, like you, struggle with many of the same issues and is a primary reason I just lurk on the site. Just know, you are not alone with these issues and while they are daunting, they also give abilities that most can’t even imagine. Balance is the key, although that is easier said than done.

Thanks again!!


Thank you, Wooky, for being the best damn Wookie that you are, and have chosen to be. :v:


Appreciate all the knowledge you’ve shared. It has helped me a lot. Take care; wish you the best.


I’m a long time lurker and just officially joined the forum. Probably due to my own anxieties. So I regret not being able to interact with you more. But you are absolutely making the right choice and your words are important and wise. Take care of yourself.


Thanks for everything! I have an epic modern star wars collection thanks to you.


Ok but you will still post the first appearances I need to buy on CHU right?


Family is a very important aspect of life…actually, it is the only reason humans have to exist…take away everything, and you will still find people happy with their families, without all the extra things we surround ourselves with. I sometimes have a similar feeling when we get too busy…and I usually talk with my wife or family members about if I’m spending too little time with the kiddos…its a tough balance.

I recently saw a reel about a father and his kids, and it was a speech I guess from someone…but it said something like its tough being a father…you want to give all your time to your family, but if you do that, you won’t be able to provide…but if you work too much, you will be able to provide more than enough, but your family won’t get the time they deserve. Really hit home with me and have to constantly question if my time is being well spent.

I hope once you wrote that and signed off you breathed a sigh of relief…its tough to walk away, but it takes a unique individual to realize they are overwhelmed, much less do something about it. I’m gonna send you my personal cell number, because I still owe you that beer. :wink:



Take care of you, @drunkwooky - that is all that matters. You don’t owe us anything other than being happy and being the best person you can be.

If you’re not in a good place then your family doesn’t get the best of you and neither does work or your hobbies.

I know the internet is full of places to geek out on Star Wars, but if you ever need to chat, feel free to drop me a PM.


Thank you Drunkwooky for all the Star Wars knowledge that you have imparted on us. I know it must have been difficult to share but I think it brings to light what a lot of us are feeling with all the craziness that’s going on in the world today. Take care of yourself, take care of your family. If you ever feel well enough to return to this hobby (which I use to get away from work and the real world) know that you will be welcome back to the CHU community with open arms :+1:


Thank You for all you have done and shared. Family first and enjoy life. Good luck in all you do.


May the force be with you DrunkWooky. Thank you for the tremendous contributions and love you’ve given to the forum and your website. Your family, you and your health are more important than comics. From one collector to another, godspeed buddy.


Best of luck in all you do.