Gore Noir (Horror Mag) Spiderman 1 Homage

Ok so I for one am tired of Spider-Man 1 homages. They have been done to death. I had to order this one. Gore Noir is a horror magazine and they issued a limited to 111 copy special edition featuring Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street in an Spiderman #1 Homage cover.

Gore Noir Spider-Man #1 Himage is $15 plus shipping.

Not an advertisement for them but I collect horror mags and wanted to share something cool I found.


Isn’t that more of a Spider-Man #1 homage… Not an ASM 300 homage?


Yeah. That’s Spider-Man 1 but still bitching.

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Since both covers have been done some many times as Homages, it’s getting hard to tell which is which :joy::joy::joy:

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Someone got their overly used spiderman homages mixed up🤣

Sold out.

Fixed it. Sorry I threw it up between a bunch of different things and didn’t even notice my mistake.

What about the title? Turd blossom… :wink:

My turn.

Spider-Man #1 homage! What the hell?!

Looks like they doubled the print run. Now it’s 222…

Well that doesn’t make me happy

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Oh they’re just going back to the “originally intended print run of 222”. :thinking:

If they raise it again, I am going to order more so they force themselves to cancel my orders as they said they would. I think the attention we gave them sold them out.

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That is horsesh!t. :100:

That sounds like a clear bait-and-switch.

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Looks like a pretty cool magazine.

I can’t wait till to break my Horror DVD collection out with my boys. I watched Evil Dead II with my oldest and he absolutely loved it but my wife will not let me show him Bad Taste… Yet…

Thank you Anthony. I don’t really care about the print run. I’m excited to have one coming. Wouldn’t have known about this without your post. Reminds me of The Nightmare On Elm Street Marvel Magazines I regret selling years ago. Gonna seek those out again, but not beat up like my teenage copies I sold.

I still have NoES 2. Haven’t picked up a 1 as of yet.

Just a follow up, has anyone that ordered got theirs? Mine has been in Las Vegas for two weeks (possibly on a coke and gambling bender with some women of the evening). I have contacted them and really got some not so nice responses.

I completely forgot about this, lol. I did get an email on Feb.23 stating my order has shipped. It was in Compton on the 25th, then LA also on the 25th…and it’s been in LA ever since with no update on tracking in the last 5, or 6, days. This order has been nothing but shenanigans so far. First the shady print run re-up by Gore Noir, and now slow a$$ shipping. Boo-urns, Gore Noir Magazine!!