Gorr Spec Coming Out Of Thor

Anyone else digging that Bale is going to be Gorr in Thor: Love and Thunder? Bale is a great actor and I’m sure he’s going to nail this character. I hope this leads to the whole God Butcher and God Bomb story arcs, where they can maybe twist the new comedic approach the Last Thor movie gave us and I’m sure Love and Thunder will bring forth with a mix of very serious story telling, since God of Thunder’s first two arcs are some of the best Marvel reading material of this century so far, in my opinion.

I hope you held onto those Thor GOT #2 which was Gorr’s first appearance. Now is certainly a good time to sell I think. Prices will start to dip until the movie gets closer to release and we get more details of how big Gorr’s role will be. I certainly hope he doesn’t turn into a one and done character in the movie.

Don’t forget about King Thor #1 2nd Printing as well. This one is likely harder to find than GOT #2 and is just a very sweet cover of Gorr. Prices are starting to take off on it as well after news hit.

Overshadowed by Knull’s retcon’d cameo appearance, Thor God of Thunder #6 is also another key book for Gorr as it explains his origin.

If you haven’t read Thor God of Thunder and particularly the first two story arcs out of it, it’s a must read even if you aren’t speculating and flipping such books related to it.


I typically am happy once I have a personal copy and one in the hole…Gorr was badass and I loved that story.
I was happiest about that announcement.


Never had any of these issues but I’ll have to find the trade that has the stories with how much everyone is loving the news.

TFAW has them available. Muhahahahahaah!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thor God of Thunder #5 is the origin (and it has an incredible cover).

Definitely one of my favorite comic runs… And Gorr is my second screen saver!


Found copies of GoT 2 & 6 when Venom 4 first came out…held onto them,…have not read them but so many rave about the story arc I think I’m going to have to find cheap copies of the trade.

Did they ever make a hard cover of it? I like hard covers trades. I used to buy the. Instead of the comics years ago.

Found 2 at my LCS over the summer…thought what a great cover, but didn’t pick it up…then it heated up and they were still there. Sold one for $40 back then…kept the other. So it’s been hot before…I don’t know if I can give my 2nd copy up though…if it hits $100 I may have to reconsider…

Go check again… Issue #6 is Origin of Gorr, with the cameo of Knull… Issue 5 even ends with, “Next: Origin of Gorr”… :wink:

It’s one of the best reads ever!! It’s available in hardcovers and tpb. I only have one copy of GOT2 which I bought for $50 a few months ago. At the time they were selling for double that. Definitely looking forward to the new stuff coming out.

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Grabbed a “mint” copy of God Butcher for $20. Will grab volume 2 next.

If they introduce the necrosword in Thor, I think the excitement will carry beyond Gorr into Loko and even Knull. Thor 6 is 1st full Loki the Necrogod wielding the Necrosword and there’s an earlier cameo somewhere too.

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Did you check prices now? Gorr is fetching almost as much or more than Venom #3 now (raw copies)… :wink:

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Yeah I saw them shoot up after the announcement. I regret not picking up more during the lull.


Which book. 2 or 6? Seems like 6 is leading the pack.

Because Thor GOT #6 is cameo of Knull…

I’m seeing Venom #3 Raw Regulars selling for around $150 to $200 last check. I’m seeing Thor GOT #2 fetching upwards of $200 now… Gorr is now almost surpassing Knull’s firsts with the recent news.

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I feel like it’s a definite hold till the very 1st glimpse of Gorr in a trailer.

On another note, examined my copies and one is signed by Ribic? Not even sure when I got it lol. Maybe I’ll try that CBCS grading/signature deal. Anyone ever do that?


I have. Now the labels are yellow too, similar to witnessed sigs.

I would compare the signature to several know witnesses sigs (look for eBay listings) to make sure it at least looks the same. Otherwise the company they use may not be able to vouch for its authentication. It’s not an exact science…and if there’s doubt they’ll reject it.

You’ll also want to specify whether you want it graded if the signature fails…as the writing will be considered a defect in such case and likely grade will come back 8.0 or less. Unlike CGC which gives a “qualified” (non-real) grade…:roll_eyes:

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Imagine if Disney/Sony did team up to do a later phase Knull event. The prices on Venom #3 would literally be worth its weight in gold!

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Ew, math. My head hurts now.

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