Grading & selling comics

To those of you who, like me, have graded exclusively at CGC for the purpose of reselling, are you considering a temporary switch to CBCS for faster turnarounds while CGC is playing catch-up and experiencing growing pains?


I was thinking about it. Maybe if they change their labels.

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Absolutely… prepping a submission now.
I tend to be a bit OCD however with my personal books so I do prefer the look, presentation of CGCs label. In the end, I’m ok with either product though.
I’m also a fan of paying less, quicker turn around though lol.

My presser can submit to either.


I have been using cgc for getting my comics pressed. Now that it is $15, I might have to look elsewhere to get that done. I guess you have not had any problems them pressing and sending them out to get graded?

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The only reason I have been using cgc was because collectors favor them when reselling.

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Yea CGC puts out a better product at the end of the day. I press my books myself so my only concern is the slab/label/sellability.

That said, waiting months for a book to come back, even with fast track, could mean missing out on a window to sell.

If I got my Venom 25 horn variants one week earlier than I did, I would have sold each for hundreds. Now I’m stuck holding…

I think we will see shorter turnaround times in the near future, its just going to take a bit for them to get their act together. I really like the CGC cases / labels…if CBCS improved theirs, I would consider going that route. Also, strictly value…if I’m going to get a 9.8 at CGC, and a 9.8 at CBCS…I obviously want CGC right now due to the increased value they provide… If that changes, then I would also consider switching.

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I have used CGC pressing, and was happy with it. I switched to my current presser as the waiting was less and I do feel there is approved attention to detail (and it’s cheaper).
I don’t like the idea of extra shipping, packing, handling, but on three orders thus far have had no issues.

Always a gamble with increased shipping though.
I had a 25 book order sent to my presser in December that was MIA. It was nerve wracking to say the least.

One thing I always did in the past was submit in person at cons…that is optimal imo.

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Anyone concerned with CGC new grader hiring and quality control?

If they are hiring 70 new graders with no long term grading experience you would think that grades might be off?

CBCS Mr. Borock interview said they have 9 graders and turnaround is currently 12 weeks.
And he would not hire a grader without any experience and they still need 6-9months in house training.

Would like to see the CGC grading quality once the new graders are in place.


Yeah, I have a Hulk 180 and an Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel 1 right now in grading / QC… I’m a little nervous…

You would think those books would get graded by the more experienced graders vs a new Wednesday book.

Fingers crossed on those great books regardless of grades awesome to have! :crossed_fingers:


My Hulk 180 is supposed to arrive from CGC today! Supposed to…


Do you already know the grade?? If not, good luck!!

Thanks! No, gonna go the unboxing with a friend. We have a FF48 we partnered on that’s coming with my 180. Nervous…

I cleaned and pressed myself. There’s one issue I think I could have improved a bit that I can’t stop thinking about. We’ll see!


If you don’t mind, can you elaborate on what you mean by “better product”?

I’m not sure we all have the same definition or may not understand where your preferences are.

For example, I consider CGC’s encapsulation container (I.e., the outer case combined with the inner well) to be inferior to CBCS. Two factors I give the highest weight to when comparing are

(1) Clarity - CGC still has the potential for developing Newton rings and has a slight “tint” to it which makes the books appear more “tan” or darker.

(2) Security - CBCS slabs were upgraded last year so now they are sealed along the sides and have a similar “robustness” to CGC in terms of weight/stiffness.

In other words, what factors are you weighing the two against when you say “better product”that puts the CGC product ahead of CBCS if you don’t mind sharing.

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Can understand the labels being a preference, Some like a little flare…others do not want them to distract from the book.

But what don’t you like about CBCS cases compared to CGC? I find them to be nearly identical now. With CBCS being slightly more clear. It’s even part of their motto - “The Clear Choice.” :slightly_smiling_face:

Previous to 2020 they were a bit flimsy and one skilled could remove the book with little to no evidence of tampering.

Not the “case” anymore though.:wink:

I guess I have the old cases. I don’t believe I have any of the new cases you are talking about. I’ll have to buy one and check it out!

EDIT: I also enjoyed your joke.

I’ve examined some the new CBCS slabs at my LCS and here’s what I found:

Clarity was a bit cloudy
Case is thinner than CGC and felt less sturdy
Label is still terrible
The shape of the case seems off to me. I know that’s vague but that’s because I can’t really put my finger on it, but it just seems off.

CGC cases look crystal clear to me. They’re sturdier, thicker and overall they just present better. If you display them side by side with a new CBCS slab, it’s clear the CGC case wins. Not to mention the label…

That said, CBCS def improved their case and when you factor in the faster turnaround and lower price, I am considering using them if they can help me flip books faster while CGC is under construction.

Yes, but not for faster turnarounds (although that is a positive checkmark).
I’ve changed over because I’m tired of calling CGC customer service for mistakes and damages and other nonsense.

I just sent 11 comics to CGC yesterday to get pressed and graded. I think they all should be either 9.6 or better. One Moon Knight #1, #3, and five #8 issues, three West Coast Avengers #45 and a ASM #306. I will keep the ASM #306 and sell the rest. I am keeping my fingers crossed…

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