Grading & selling comics

Who do you call for CBCS customer service? I’ve only gotten an Indian call center and they were never able to answer my questions. Is there a different phone number to get US based reps? I would love to call them today if so…

So this is a perfect example. First off, good luck, hope you get the grades you want.

So Moon Knight books might see a big jump all around as we get closer to the Disney+ series.

If you could get your books back a couple of months earlier, would you have gone with CBCS for this submission? Are you worried you’ll miss out on high sales of Moon Knight 8 while they’re hot?

I have a bunch of books I’d like to submit but I worry I’ll miss the boat on selling them for max value if they’re sitting at CGC for 4 months.

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I gave a run down with pics last year…I’ll see if I can find it.

This is the old case (follow the link)…and @jcLu pointing out the concern with tampering. Be weary of this case.

Here’s my response talking to some improvements they made with subsequent cases (newer cases which addresses some concerns. Still not today’s case:

The ones with the tamper evidence seal are ok.

Check out my books…ASM238, UF4, Spawn #1, and Batman 368. :grin:

And pics of the new slab (plus a dig
@Alana for good measure).

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for The clarification. More new CBCS cases can only help their marketability and resale value of the comics within. So we’ll see what happens with this CGC move.

I did send in a few books to CGC last week with fast pass on order to benefit from the old price structure and maximize my ROI. But after my membership expires I’m likely done with them all other things being equal.

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I’ve not had a problem, thankfully, yet… in which I needed to call them.
But for those that I’ve seen that have had issues, I think if you email them at OR they are usually really good with answering within the CBCS forum.

I have been lucky so far with CGC. I just started last year with the grading. I am at the elite tier and sent about 80 books last year. I was right about almost all the books I sent t in and the others I was off about a point. I’m in for the long term. I was hoping to get the books out earlier but life got in the way.

The CBCS May promo is only 5% off. I can only conclude CBCS is already seeing an upsurge in submissions from angry CGC users, or really doesn’t care to go for the kill after the CGC price hike fiasco.

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There’s a 10% off CBCS code posted in the CBCS forum by ggovel. Good time to take advantage with their already cheaper prices.


I have like 20 key books that need to be graded.I am going wait to see if CBCS can overtake CGC by the end of the year.


Overtake how? In terms of market preference?


I don’t see that happening. The industry is built around CGC. CBCS will def see growth, but CGC is growing faster.


I don’t see that happening in a year unless CGC has a major gaffe that challenges their integrity industry wide.

Make no mistake though…a mass quantity of books are about to swamp CGC as people were getting books to them at the end of April before the price structure changed…and with con season is upon us even more books are coming in…they are going to be so backlogged for a while and CBCS is going to look like a really nice alternative…you’re hearing it from a small pool of people here already…that can only help CBCS goi forward.

I do think CBCS missed a huge opportunity to take a leap forward as they are only offering a 5% discount on grading services in the month of May…pretty pathetic as they’ve had better discounts in recent months.

Should have really stuck it to CGC with a 10% discount no limits on submissions. But maybe they determined that would just overwhelm them too.


I’m only speaking of modern comics here but I am done with paying someone to officially grade modern comics. It’s completely insane that a raw Champions #1 NM sells for $20-$40 and a 9.8 sells for $350 or so. Get outta town with that garbage. I will keep mine rather than sell them for 8x below market value. I just cannot do it with modern comics anymore.


I stopped submitting books a few months before the pandemic lockdown. I’m still on my hiatus from slabbing but I’m hoping CBCS doesn’t get flooded. Everything is so crazy right now. Hoping it settles just a bit so turnaround times are better. Back to raw books.

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Exactly, it’s better than nothing but so weak. Not wanting to be overwhelmed is a good reason, but this was a lost opportunity to be bold and really go for more market share from CGC.

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