Great Cover Art

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It’s a store exclusive for Crossover #2 that I’ve seen at least 3 stores now selling, and all saying it’s an edition of 500 (trade) and 250 (foil). I asked one of them if that meant 500 per store, or 500 total, and had my comment deleted…

Good to know. It’s still a nice cover.

Nice cover but that’s a skip for me. Covers A/B and the occasional ratio variant.


She looks mad!

Very heavy bra

Is this the Artgerm Var 1 variant?

It is Artgerm, but I’m not sure which variant. I just screen grabbed it. Sorry

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Thanks. I think this will be an Virgin variant also. I looked on league of geeks after I saw this picture. They have Artgerm list twice. One is a Virgin cover.

I’m confused. Thought originally this thread was about the Crossover #2 cover but I’m guessing it’s just a topic to post what others think are great covers? If so, I’m leaving the new title and category as is.

This was originnally commisioned by Tim @ TOSS comics (clinton mass). Scotts in EU convinced him to make it a shared exclusive and now the print run is around 3000 (with more stores signing on).

Intent was just for great new covers, Crossover 2 was just the first one I ran into.

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Cool :+1:

I am not happy about that. I instantly bought the foil cover, oh well, at least I know I love the cover. :grin:

Again, people should NOT believe retailers when they say a book is “limited to XXX copies”. It’s always MORE.


Not entirely true. Small independent retailers who arent part of the whole shared exclusive usualy have accurate numbers on exclusives. While they are few and far between, they are out there. But i do agree that as a general rule of thumb, dont trust the numbers unless they show you the numbers on the invoice.

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