Hailee Steinfeld casted as Kate Bishop

This is about as perfect a casting as you can get.

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I would use Krysten Ritter since there’s no more Jessica Jones :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hailee Steinfeld is made up name. No such person exists…or…I’ve never heard of her. :joy: I think I’m officially old now. I don’t recognize any musicians or actors that people ‘talk’ about these days. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my basement watching Jerry Seinfeld and listening to Glass Tiger. :older_man:

She was kid in True Grit. No not that True Grit old man ;-).

She was Gwen Stacy in Into the Spiderverse and the lead in the latest Transformers Bumblebee. Probably you best bets at seeing/hearing her before.


Do you all feel Young Avengers #1 is still the best “key” relative to her?
She has quite a few books that are relevant. Young Avengers Presents? Hawkeye #2? Varied issues of the Young Avengers?
They are all “good”, but hard to pin a best book when it comes to her & her role as the new Hawkeye.

Hawkeye doesn’t have any powers so best is her 1st appearance and or first appearance with a bow.

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YA 1 is 100% the book for her. On top of that it’s got a boatload of other firsts with potential.

Her role as Hawkeye is pretty complicated and not a clear first. Even if there was a clear when she becomes Hawkeye, I’d still take YA 1 over it.

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I liked her in that, “Pitch Perfect 2,” movie. Only thing I know her from, though.

Finally confirmed via a set video: https://www.murphysmultiverse.com/exclusive-first-look-at-hailee-steinfeld-as-kate-bishop/


Steinfeld is really great. I think she has long-term staying power in the MCU and has lead-role level ability. That YA1 isn’t getting cheaper any time soon.


I liked her in the 2nd, “Pitch Perfect,” movie. She was one of the few things I enjoyed in that mostly dull retread of the charming first flick.

I just scrolled up and see I said basically this back in July. My opinion stands!

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Predates Young Avengers #1. Has sketches and previews of the characters.


Nice… looks like all the cheap copies went fast on eBay… can’t seem to find any currently listed.

Only place I see available is at Mile High

Yuck, no thanks!

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Man…I had to work to remember where I stashed it lol. Here are the pages.


Is there a pic of kate bishop?

Not that I see. I don’t have my YA #1 handy…who is the lady in the image next to Iron Man? That is page #20 from YA.

The cover to YA #1 is shown in the back of this young guns book also.

These are the only images from it relative to YA otherwise.

My 10 year old son is the single biggest YA expert on earth. No kidding. He said that is Jessica Jones next to Iron Man.


Yes, that is Jessica Jones

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