🦇 Happy Batman Day 2021

Happy Batman Day to CHU and all its members!

What are your favorite Batman stories?

For me, Court of Owls, City of Owls, and Death of the Family are all stellar. The Killing Joke might be my top of the list though.

Favorite Batman artwork?

Such a tough question to answer, but Batman 608, 2nd print jumps to the front of my mind.

Any Batman keys in your collection?

For me, and I know my name should indicate that I have a lot more in my PC, but I just recently started collecting. So I’ll have to say Batman 89 (Punchline), Batman 497, does Hell Arisen 3 count as Batman related? Batman 96 1:25… still working on snagging Batman 655 & 656

In a previous thread I posted why I collect Batman and why he is my “comfort comic”, so I won’t rehash… but how about you?

Thanks for indulging me, CHU!


Show off the deals you find, your hauls and swag here!

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Damn you @drunkwooky , you beat me to it!

Let me merge them… cause we don’t need two of them, just confuse folks.

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Thanks. I didn’t see this thread when I started typing up my thread.

So it’s, post anything Batman Day related… favorite books, series, titles, issues… while also posting your best Batman Day deals and finds. :wink:

Favorite Batman story is the full run of New 52. Every issue had me wanting more and joker was just badass all through out.

Favorite Batman artwork would be Batman new 52 issue 39.

As for key issues, I dont have many. I would say 1st Bane, 1st Damian, and 1st print of the Killing Joke. And couple of the new characters that are being developed lol.

My wife is the big batman fan and I got her the Batmobile and the Batwing figures/vehicles from the Animated Series.


Best batman story right here

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This must be indicative of how little I pay attention to Batman these days, but I didn’t know there were free books with the day’s event. Oh well… freebies.



Fave Batman story: Tough, but I always think back to “Venom”, an early Legends of the Dark Knight story.

Fave Batman artwork: yikes, how much time ya got? Sentimental favorite Bat artist was Norm Breyfogle.

Batman keys: mostly bronze and modern stuff. My oldest key is the first Silver Age Scarecrow, Batman #189.

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McFarlane Toys Batman Day Three Jokers Announcements:


Anything spec wise in Batman The World ?

I’ll probably snag that Batgirl, I still prefer the Rebirth Red Hood but DAMN he is impossible to find at a decent price. I may have to snag this Red Hood just to ensure I have one for my display.

Happy Batman Day!!

I am primarily a Batman Beyond collector, so most of my Batman collection is from Beyond. I’ll try to keep this limited to Bruce though.

Favourite Batman story:
Endgame (Batman 2nd series, issues 35-40) is likely my favourite.

Favourite artwork:
For whatever reason, the New 52 Batman #11 cover always stuck with me.

Batman Keys:
I have a dogshit copy of Detective Comics 132 from 1948. It’s a rag, but it’s also Golden Age Batman, so that’s a win for me. Some more recents are Detective Comics 359 and 373 and a full run of New 52 Batman (I goddamn LOVE Snyder and Capullo’s run)


I don’t really have Batman keys of note right now, but I do love a lot of Batman stories. I adored the Grant Morrison run on, “Batman,” and the, “Batman Inc.,” stuff was legit too.

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The Steve Englehart/Marshall Rogers run in Detective Comics from the late 70’s was classic. Who can forget the Joker’s laughing fish? But I wanted Silver St. Cloud to stick around longer.

The New 52 Batman stories Death of the Family and Endgame made the New 52 one of my favorite Batman Runs. Court of Owls was great too. Arkham Asylum is a mind trip which makes it a favorite too. Hush, The Long Halloween and Black Mirror are favorites as well.

Happy Batman Day!
This one is for @agentpoyo :bat:

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