Has anyone else seen this BULL$#%T?

I might be the only one, but I really hate that this is the way things are going. First Disney and now Warner Bros. I don’t know. How do the rest of you feel about no more physical copies of movies ?


I don’t think I’ve used a disc in a decade other than video games


Its not looking good for physical media. If you a regular visitor of bluray.com there is a lot of talk over there about how physical Bestbuy stores are barely carrying movies other than some new releases. Luckily you can still buy most movies in physical media on blu ray or 4k online for now. Its pointed out again over and over how physical media has higher bitrates and quality but most people prefer the convenience of clicking and streaming a movie rather than popping a disk in.

It’s the trend of the mega corporations and ultra wealthy: Make sure no one OWNS any thing. How else do you guarantee revenue comes in?

Even automobile manufacturers are starting subscription services.


All I do is watch Rush Hour 2 over and over on tv anyway. I never needed the blu-ray. Although, if they stop showing it on tv, then I guess I’m kinda screwed.

My retirement plans involve almost zero screen time… so I’m good with this for the most part. I plan on watching a lot of live action mountains, trees and nature in real time with my cup of coffee in one hand and later on switch to a nice cold beer towards dusk in the next 15-20 years.


This is one reason I like to buy CDs and cassettes of my favorite stuff still or from indie artists on Bandcamp who do physical media often. You don’t know when something won’t be streamable anymore or change the service it’s on. We’ve seen television shows go from one streaming service to another and it’s a pain. If I just own a show I like on DVD I can watch it without paying a monthly fee. Plus, some really obscure stuff isn’t even easy to find to stream or download. I love technology but like having a physical item too. Hence preferring physical comics too. I really do love cassette tapes as well, old VHS, I love old media.


I wish I could dump all my marvel and dc dvds and blue rays.

The only ones I’d keep are my Star Trek TAS set, transformers seasons 1-3 + beast wars and my 70s Spider-Man cartoons.

If I had a copy of a new hope before they butchered it I’d keep that too…

Oooh. Army of Darkness. Keeping that one too.

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Call me old school but I love my DVDs and Blu-Rays. That’s my way of watching movies. I hate going to the theaters. I have my bookcases full of movies.


“progress”? I’m sure there will be limited, physical, more expensive collector sets.

I can put every movie ever made in the palm of my hand with a jail broken Apple TV. Just think how much time that saves on dusting and how much space that frees up😜

My only concern is comics following down this path. I won’t do digital so I’ll have to finally break my Batman & Tec runs if this ever happens.

As far as movies, shows, etc…

I don’t really mind at all. Years ago, my wife and I used to buy movies weekly as they released, but now we’re all streaming. It seems the only time we buy physical movies is on Black Friday.

I have not watched a Blu-ray DVD or DVD in years. I bought a 4K BRDVD player but eventually just ended up streaming stuff. Finally boxed up the player because it was taking up space and just collecting dust.

Practically everything I watch is on dvd or blu ray. Sure it takes up space but I can watch it anytime I want and with ALL THE SPECIAL FEATURES. To hell with digital and streaming. Shit I don’t have cable, WiFi or any of the streaming services at home.


Ya, I definitely like the idea of them, was just easier to stream stuff, I get most of the extra features off YouTube. I do wish they stuck around tho, extra options is always nice.

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This doesn’t surprise me. Best Buy just went from having 4 aisles of movies down to 1 in most stores and they phased out CD’s entirely in store.

My local Best Buy went from being a Best Buy to phasing itself out entirely.


I phased out Best Buy 5 years ago after a terrible experience with their service. I’d like to see them all close.


Oh, I only know my local one closed because it was near a highway. I think I’d been in it once(?)… when I needed a new router and couldn’t wait on Prime shipping.

They’re the new RadioShack: kids in 10 years won’t believe such a place existed.

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Long ago I worked at Best Buy. That company can go to hell. What they did to me and a bunch of other employees was criminal at the time… I’ll never step foot in another Best Buy.