Hasbro Marvel Legends Megathread

We make individual topics for these plastic doo-dads semi-regularly, so here’s a MEGA THREAD (threadthreadthreadthread)(in echoing voice):

Apocalypse features textured sculpt and deco inspired by the character’s classic appearances throughout Marvel Comics and includes an alternate head, hands, blast effect, and plasma laser cannon!
Pre-order this figure on June 21st, beginning at 1:00pm ET


Everybody will obviously be buying that for this little guy:


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Hasbro Pulse exclusive - $90

goes on sale today at 1pm et

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Look good. 2pm for non members

Reused tom figure
only accessories are hands and crappy web effects
I’m still buying it but damn i’m kinda let down

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MCU She Hulk

Looks more realistic than the show…

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Black Panther Wakanda Forever figures

Is that She-Hulk the last unrevealed toy from the Infinity Ultron wave?

I dont think so

Been thinking on the Haslab Ghost rider a bit more. Prehistoric Ghost Rider and Mastodon with the BC Avengers or with the other Ghost riders and their transportation. Maybe a Robbie Reyes with Hellcharger that’s remote controlled with working lights add ons would be Johnny blaze and Danny Ketch with Cycles maybe OG Ghost rider on his horse. Going to be real hard to even come close to Galactus let alone top it.


Amazon Exclusive


Venom, Riot, Agony

Packaging by Ryan Stegman

I really don’t collect much in the way of Marvel Legends or Hasbro in general, but I broke down pre-ordered Herald of Galactus Thor from the Devourer King story arc in the current Donny Cates run of Thor.

As of now, I own the following Marvel Legends: Cosmic Ghost Rider, Infinity Gauntlet Thanos (with King Thanos head from Thanos Wins), and Captain America 20th Anniversary. So far my Legends mirror my Marvel comic collection of Cap & Cates.

I really want to get the Silver Surfer Black figure but it was exclusive to Walgreens and scalpers are being lame AF.

Why pay stupid Ebay prices. This is not a D23 exclusive.


I personally don’t like DSTs marvel figures. Awkward scaling makes them too tall to fit with marvel legends and not enough articulation. Some of the bigger ones like Juggernaut or colossus are good though

Same here, also way better Miles Marvel Legends or the Sen-Ti-Nel Miles figure if you got a $100 + to spend.

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I really don’t like the cell shading on the Mystique action figure, or any figure. :man_shrugging: