Hasbro Pulse Con 2021 Announcements and Reveals

I’ll be focusing on Star Wars reveals today, but feel free to add other reveals and announcements from across Hasbro’s lines here today and tomorrow!

Here’s the Virtual Convention schedule:

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First Dino Fury Lightning Series figure= Red Ranger.

Lord Zedd Lightning Collection Helmet with Voice Changer

Zord Ascension Project Reveal. Under design and production.

Oh my… at first glance I thought that guy with beard holding the Power Rangers box was Anthony… same hairdo and almost same beard at times… haha


Power Rangers NFT with physical product code.

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Vintage Collection Specialty Re-Issues with new soft goods and phot real face printing:

Black Series Reveals:

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Mandalorian TVC Reveals


Troop Builder Pack:



Galaxy’s Edge Black Series Packs:

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Leia lightsaber

as a power rangers fan I really appreciate hasbro making figures for a lot of the goons

The Hasbro Rancor campaign is live. Looking for 9,000 backers at $350.00 a pop.

Get to Know the Rancor

  • The largest figure ever made by Star Wars: The Black Series. It dwarfs our standard 6-inch-scale figures… as it should.
  • At 42 inches (106.68 cm) long, the Rancor’s arm span makes it wider than it is tall, helping recreate his formidable, inescapable presence.
  • Its 12.8 inches (32.512 cm) deep (from nose to the back of the figure) and 12 inches (30.48 cm) wide body (from shoulder to shoulder) gives the Rancor substance and durability.
  • Standing at 17.5 inches (44.45 cm) tall, the Rancor can stretch its arms up to give it an even more massive height of 27 inches (68.58 cm), allowing fans to replicate any of the fearsome roaring poses seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
  • Over 45 points of articulation, the most ever done in The Black Series, all the way down to its talons. This gives the Rancor the ability to grab The Black Series 6-inch-scale figures in its talons and bring them up to its articulated jaw for a “snack”. After which, you may want to adjust the piece of drool by its mouth.
  • The Black Series largest figure to ever have Butterfly joints, which allow the Rancor to be posed in just about any of the positions you’ve seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi . They also let the Rancor cross its arms in front of its chest and outstretch them on either side of its body, increasing the menacing display possibilities.
  • We’ve created a new standard in shoulder pad articulation and applied it to the Rancor for the most premium, top-of-the-line figure possible from The Black Series. The Rancor’s shoulder pads allow it to maintain its iconic monstrous aesthetic without inhibiting its movement.
  • Above and beyond the high-quality sculpt and precise detail work you’ve come to know and love from The Black Series.
  • The Black Series most decorated figure in history with over 900 deco ops!
  • Entertainment-inspired details, including the broken shackle and chain on its right wrist. The designers had the privilege of seeing the original prop used in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi up close and in person, so they were able to bring every detail they could to life.
  • The nostalgia-evoking scene recreation possibilities are nearly endless!

Target Exclusive Maldo Kreis Mandalorian and Grogu Build Out Pack:

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