Hawkeye. Spoilers imminent

First two episodes are out today.


Instead of going shopping on Thanksgiving evening (tell these retailers and corporations everyone deserves the day off to spend with their families, not work for their shareholders benefits), everyone should sit down with family and watch Hawkeye together… or play some games, anything else but go shopping. Everything should be closed on Thursday! Even gas stations… stay home and relax!


Plan too ! :blush:

100% AGREE! But that’s also because I completed all my holiday shopping online. Great feeling.

And we have Echo.

Let’s maybe change the title of this post to Hawkeye spoilers.




Overall it’s not a bad show so far with just having 2 episodes. I could have done without the larping scenes though :rofl:

I watched the first episode so far. Watching the second after lunch and then sitting with my son tonight to rewatch.


I’ll Do my shopping tomorrow and Friday night online…while watching Hawkeye!

I need to watch this weekend.

SPOILERS—- these aren’t my catches, don’t want to claim ownership of these finds. Someone else mentioned these 2 clues. Interesting nonetheless.

Here are the SPOILERS:
There are ties to the West Coast Avengers in the first 2 episodes. (1) In scene at the clock tower, one of Kate’s friends on the ground has a tag that says ‘Greer’. Implying Greer Grant Nelson- or Tigra- a founding member of West Coast Avengers. (2) Kate and Clint go to hideout. Name of Kate’s aunt on call bell of apartment is Moira Brandon- in comics she sold her estate to the West Coast Avengers for their headquarters.

This is my addition:
Whether these are nods or hints at future of MCU? West Coast Avengers #94 is first time Rhodes is given War Machine name- maybe it’ll tie into the Armor Wars tv show later


Definitely not spec but I noticed a cuddly shark toy in Kate’s childhood bedroom. It may be a stretch but a maybe nod/wink to Jeff.

Hints of Wonderman in Wanda/Vision too. Also we have White Vision out there somewhere so good possibility West Coast Avengers is a thing down the line.

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Alana is right. Get your Avengers 19 before the next episodes come out. The KCC crowd doesn’t know yet because the issue hasn’t been added to the list, but once it is…… rocket fuel time like always.

How can it be West coast avengers if they’re on the east coast?

Sounds like a road trip is on the way!


wheres mesphisto?


Already have it.

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