I was able to track down the site that is selling the STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC #1 Store Variant that homages Clone Wars #1.


PS I do not get any kickbacks for sharing this. The site looks a little raw, but you can pay through Paypal.

Take care!

Stop being a marketer man


I suggest you read

Start at about post 205 or so.


Sorry, I just saw this in another post.

Take it easy.

I am taking a hard pass on the CBSI scam.


It’s all good, it happens. I can merge this if needed but that other topic is just about High Republic in general as this one is narrowed down to the homage.

This isn’t the Highest Republic thread on the forums, this is just an homage


A few things to be fair to the original poster:

  1. It IS a cool and tempting variant;
  2. We don’t know for sure CBE is a scam front, but it smells to some of us;
  3. Original poster was probably just trying to inform and not necessarily “in on it”; and
  4. Forums thrive on competing views, including those who are willing to risk $80 on this start up.

Carry on original poster.


@ein wins the internet today. Better luck tomorrow everybody.

I did move this to the Marvel Comics category though. The For Sale & Trading category is if “you” the topic starter is selling the item. @Anthony or @D-Rog should have caught that when approving… turds!

Im not sure how marvel denotes thT the comic is a store cover, i jnow with Boom, Aftershock and Scout that it says the store name (offical diamond Account name) either inside or on the back. But that would tell you who the variant really belongs to, if this is a new company or someone rlse

All I wanted to do was let the guy know there was some concerns with the item he was excited about. Nothing more.

What did I miss, exactly?

The post was in the For Sale category… so I can check the logs to see who approved it… :wink:

Well, love it or hate it, high price or not I was curious and checked…there are only 20 sets left for sale of the 400 offered on that site.

I dunno, if they did destroy/damage over two thousand copies (or whatever) to bring the total to 600 complete sets this might have some legs. Short term anyway. I guess the series would have to do well or whoever they introduce would have to become popular for it to be sought after long term.

SMH…they can put whatever number of copies available to buy on their site…having XX copies left means nothing. The fact of the matter is, there are 3,000+ copies of the book


I don’t know what’s worse: (1) lying about number of copies; or (2) destroying perfectly good copies.

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Both are equally bad…

I’m gonna make my own store exclusive. Limited to 420 copies and 69 virgin variants. Every copy comes with a roll of toilet paper and a copy of X-Men 1 from 1991. I’ll make tons of extras then literally go to people’s houses and rip them up and set them on fire. Super low print run and hard to find. Starts at $800.


I get the 420 and 69 references, but what’s the joke behind the 800 price?

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Nothing really just a high price point lol