Hit Monkey show


I saw the first 2 episodes like months and months ago show is super violent and bloody, old lady gets cut in half by a buzzsaw. Only other marvel character I saw was someone dressed up as silver samurai

I’m sure that old lady had it coming.


:rofl: :rofl:

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Can’t wait for Cowboy Bebop…


So we’ve got a MODOK situation here.

Is this going to be good? Maybe if it’s a little tongue in cheek?

Animation looks like utter ■■■■■■■ shit. PASS

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I’m not really holding my breath. I don’t remember anyone talking about modok. Anyways supposedly Lady Bullseye and fat cobra are gonna be in it

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I actually kind of like that style of art/animation. It’s definitely targeting a certain crowd with it’s style.

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That looks clunky :nauseated_face:

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Deadpool #19 which apparently came out on the same week as Hit Monkey #1 features Hit Monkey in his Hit Monkey suit, rather than just as a wild monkey in Hit Monkey #1. He appears in two panels, and a whole lot more in #20. #19 has $99 asking prices, though I think it can still be found in your comic store for much less.

Is that the crossover with spidey and deadpool? I think I remember reading that story a long time ago

Yes, it is. Daniel Way’s run on, “Deadpool,” was really hit or miss.

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Yep pretty much made deadpool into meme pool

It would have some really good issues and then follow them up with some trash issues. It was like Daniel Way didn’t know what tone or quality he was going for.

That’s pretty standard adultswim animation.

I dont watch Adultswim…and there’s the reason why…

Is this like Archer, but with less drinking?