Horrifying Target Delivery

Ok, guys. I know we’re a comic book community, but I hope I have enough community credit to have some leeway to vent here about this.

Target delivered this “new” $600 Dyson vacuum to my home Tuesday. I just barely opened it tonight. (Busy with the day job and two kids under 5, you know?) I am horrified. I was sent the MOST HEAVILY USED VACUUM I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!

This was supposed to be my wife’s Valentine’s Day present. She’s had trouble with her back since giving birth and we just wanted something light to vacuum with. I decided I’d spring for a brand name vacuum.

This vacuum looks worse than our 10-year-old vacuum in the basement. Where to begin? 10 pictures honestly isn’t enough.

There’s what looks like animal or potentially human feces in the dust canister. Animal hair, dust, dirt, particulates all throughout. What looks like maybe some mold. The purple finished is scraped off the metal arm. There are scrapes, dings, scratch’s, and deep grooves all over this vacuum. What looks like house paint from base boards on the roller.

I mean not only is it deeply insulting to receive this pile of absolute wrecked shit when I purchased a new $600 vacuum, who ships another person’s waste into somebody’s home? Who does that on the tail end of a pandemic?

Jesus Christ, Target, make this right.


I don’t shop at Target and I can see it is the right choice.

Sounds like someone swapped out their old dyson for a new one. I have had mine for 15 years and still works great. The power button is going bad though.


Yeah, but I want one at the front end of that lifecycle….


How did this even happen? I’d want a refund and a free vacuum for my trouble…


My corded Dyson is doing well too. Not impressed with the hand-held though. Not enough suction, and then the battery died. The battery costs $90 to buy. A reminder to me about battery operated devices, the battery costs almost as much as the device.

This is probably a stupid question, but are you sure you bought this from Target and not someone who sells on Targets?

Example is below.

Otherwise it seems like a QA fail like Anthony mentioned above where someone got lazy and didn’t not check inside the box when it was returned.

Either way, target is responsible. Hopefully they don’t give you a hard time thinking you’re pulling a fast one on them…but I don’t think they would.

@drunkwooky I worked at Target for a decade. What it appears to be is a person bought a new Dyson, repackaged their old Dyson & returned it. People try the old switcheroo a lot more than you’d think.

The person doing the return should have opened the box and checked the serial numbers. They obviously didn’t do their job. Target will make it right and I wouldn’t be surprised if they offered you additional compensation in the form of gift cards.


I’d think they take care of that for you. I bought a PS4 from Target on Black Friday a few years ago. Got home and the box had an actual brick in the box. No system. Took it back. They were flabbergasted. They exchanged it for me.

I had the exact same thing last year with a pet dustbuster on Amazon…it came with its own pet hair…lucky me! I attached pictures and received a new replacement and $100 credit. Sorry you have to deal with this, because someone else did not do their job.

Yup, people did this at Best Buy (worked there in my college days) all the time. We had customer service reps who would fail to open to inspect the packages, even if they looked sealed (yes, some would go above and beyond to make it look sealed again). It was fun to get the returns from customer service dropped off in our departments and I would then inspect to find radar detectors with just a rock in the box…


Wow.You have to give us an update ASAP.

If this was a switcheroo, how does Target just put it back on the shelf again without knowing it was opened?

I worked at target in the online shipping department.
That is the old switcheroo right there.
Sorry duder, target will make it right.

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People do this kind of thing with action figures all the time. It’s definitely a swap out. Target employee either had a VERY long line and didn’t have time to check thoroughly OR they just didn’t do their job at all.

That sucks, Wook. I’m sure Target will make it right. If nothing else just toss some legal jargon at the store manager and see what happens.

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Check out the returns area during peak times or the holidays.
There are usually younger kids working there and they are not staffed properly.
They should have checked the box when it was returned but mistakes happen.
These scammers are also very good at rattling the employee and rushing them along.


I’ve got the Dyson model with the laser and I love that thing for our hard floors. It’s like night vision for dust. Sorry about your experience!

If you really loved her, you would have just hired a maid or at least bought a roomba… so she wouldn’t have to vacuum at all… :stuck_out_tongue:

I know… I’m such an ass!

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I use my Roborock for maintenance and the Dyson to get the hard to reach stuff. Magical combo…

Roomba’s are creepy. Little smart robot learning my habits and what kinds of snacks I drop on the floor. I don’t need a robot blackmailing me about how messy I am.

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We have a maid and a Roomba.